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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Officer and the Secret by Jeanette Murray

This is Book 3 of Jeanette Murray of the Officers series. The Officer and the Secret tells the story of Captain Dwayne Roberts, who is fresh from a tour of duty over seas. He comes back with PTSD and Veronica who he forged a friendship with while overseas helps him gain the stability he so badly needs. Watching Dwayne and Veronica fall in love was like watching a sailboat drift off into the sunset. These two characters compliment each other so well it felt like they were part of my own group of friends. I did not realize that this book was part of a series until I was halfway through it and I like that I did not have to read the first two books to understand this book. So make sure to get your towel and The Officer and a Secret and head to the beach to enjoy this great read. Jeanette Murray has delivered a sweet and romantic summer read and I will definitely be reading book 1 and 2.

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