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Monday, July 1, 2013

Guardian by Nancy Northcott


FBI agent Camellia "Mel" Wray is no stranger to violence but when an old friend is brutally murdered, she takes it personally. The case hits even closer to her heart when the best person to help with the investigation is Dr. Stefan Harper, the only man she ever loved-and lost. One look at the gorgeous medical expert and Mel realizes he's still impossible to resist-and still harboring a secret after all these years . . .


Afraid Mel wouldn't accept him, Stefan never revealed his study of magical medicine or his abilities, instead allowing her to believe he'd been unfaithful. Now she's back in his life-and their mutual attraction burns hotter than ever. But when something dark and otherworldly threatens humans, Stefan must summon his mage powers to keep everyone safe. Will Mel be able to trust him again? Or will their love cost him even more than it did the first time?
This was a good book.  I really enjoyed reading it.  It gave a different look at the world around us.  It dealt with Mages and Mundane.  I loved how the author described the ghouls.  I for one would NOT like to meet one of them on a dark street.  It made me very happy Mages are around.

Mel lost her mentor when a ghoul killed her.  The last thing she expected was to run into an old flame at the crime scene.  Sparks begin to fly between Stefan and Mel.  As the case turns hotter, the pair is kidnapped and Stefan must tell Mel his secret so he can save them both.  Will she turn on him or finally learn to trust him?

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