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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Burning Sage by Deena Remiel

Sage Wilcot, an accomplished scientist, has set her sights on her lifelong obsession, studying the volcanoes of the island of Santorini. Once there, though, she gets more than she bargained for. The dormant volcano is waking and shaking things up in the process.

An enigmatic stranger--from a mythical ancient city--comes to her rescue and challenges her to believe in the unbelievable. Will she take the huge leap of faith for love's sake or stay cloistered in her fortress of certainty and solitude?

Burning Sage by Deena Remiel a nice quick read. You have Sage Wilcot who has dreamed of going to Santorini Island to study a volcano that she visited as a child, while at the Volcano she meets a strange man named Emmanouel who claimed to be the Prince of the lost city Atlantis. I enjoyed the beginning of the novella but it got kind of confusing after that. I enjoyed the plot of the story and I wish Ms. Remiel could have made it longer so that things could have been explained in more detail. If you enjoy short stories about the Lost City of Atlantis you will like Burning Sage

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