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ATTENTION: As of right now BBL have a 3 months wait time for reviews to be fulfilled. As a reminder, not all requests will be accepted due to interest of selection of our reviewers. We apologize for any inconveniences as all of our reviewers are currently on assignments. Thank you for your understanding.


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Bitten by Love Reviews is an independent review organization. We specializes in Romance fiction and some Urban Fantasy. Sub-genres of Romance are; Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Western Romance, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction and other Fantasy. We also review Young Adult, Erotica, Gay, Lesbian, and BDSM that falls into any of the categories above. We read anything from full length novels to short stories, novellas, and anthologies. However, we will refuse to review any work containing pedophilia, necrophilia (clarification: vampires do not count as necrophilia), bestiality (shifters who are both/all in human form do not count as bestiality – some leeway with human/animal or animal/animal shifters is allowed, depending on how it is portrayed), rape portrayed in a positive light, bodily waste as erotic, or other content we consider objectionable upon reading the content.

We will accept series books at any point in the series (meaning we’ll review it if it’s 1st in your series or 10th). You may request a rush review due to publication date but the time frame for your review won’t be a guaranteed, we may need to push the date further than its release date (depending on how far in advance you contacted us with this request).

We are happy to review existing books that have already been published, new releases or archived. We do not discriminate against publishing type, so please feel free to submit traditionally published, ePublished, and self-published (Indie) works. BBL also accepts Advanced Reader Copies for review (ARC). We understand that the content of these submissions is not in their final state, various punctuations and spelling mistakes will not negatively affect an ARC review. 

For ARC reviews, the authors or publishers may request a general time frame for the review to be published on, but we reserved the right to choose the specific posting dates and time in order to help manage our busy review schedule. If a specific time or day for a review’s posting date is required, please let us know with your submission so we can schedule it accordingly. However, a Rush fee of $10 will be applied for any reviews request under 3 weeks turn around. The typical turnaround time for reviews after being submitted and selected is between 4 to 8 weeks. Please keep in mind, not all review requests will be fulfilled, the books selected are based on our reviewers area of interests since our reviews are unbiased and objective.


We support aspiring authors as well as published and established authors, and we understand that publicity and marketing are important for book releases and circulation. To that end, we offer a variety of Bitten By Love Reviews interactive options for authors and publishers to choose from, including (but not limited to) Q&A sessions, guest posts on the blog, participation in blog tours, interviews, and promo giveaways. We also offer advertisements such as banners pop ups, column spaces, or we can customize it to fit your needs.

If you would like BBL to do any publicity (such as interviews, etc.) for your book release during the general time period of our review posting, please also include some of the following with your submission:
  • Short author bio – 100 words or less 
  • Cover image for your work (this is required unless the book has an existing photo already available on Amazon, B&N, or Goodreads) 
  • Author photo and Book Cover 
  • Publicity links to your blog, website or buying options 
  • Social networking profiles 
  • Rush fee is applicable to review request under 3 weeks
The typical turnaround time for reviews after being submitted and selected is between 4 to 8 weeks. Guest blog, interviews, blog tour, etc. are scheduled at least 1 month in advance.

Suggestions for publicizing your review on BBL:
  • Non-spam updates (meaning no more than 4 times per day) on Facebook, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, or any other social networks 
  • Link in email signature (contact and promotion links) 
  • Link in post signatures for message boards, etc. 
  • Link on your own blog or website. (You’re welcome to keep the link up after your review has moved down the page – the link we provide will go specifically to your review.)


Authors, agents, or publishers may contact Bitten By Love directly via email or visit our homepage.

We reserve the right to refuse any books for review, based on the information provided at the time of submission. All reviews will be based on our honest, objective, and unbiased viewpoints, it will not be influenced by anything other than the content of the material submitted. We try to keep our reviews as positive toward the author as possible, with no personal slander, insults, or insinuations, but please understand that this is very subjective. BBL has a team of volunteer reviewers who select their monthly books from a list compiled from various venues, upon which are NetGalley, Edelweiss, Review Requests by authors, the Publishers, etc. We believe that allowing the team to choose their own reviews makes for happier readers and more appropriate reviews, so we will try to provide the highest possibly quality submission content you can. Because our reviewers receive no compensation of any kind for their contributions to this site, deadlines and posting dates are subjected to change without advance notice. We do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen, but you should be aware of the possibility in case it might impact your own scheduling.

If readers make comments on your reviews or public posts, authors are encouraged to interact with them. However, tantrums, flame wars, etc. will not be tolerated from either readers or authors. Comments we consider to be abusive, derogatory, or offensive will be deleted, no matter who they’re from. We reserved the right to close comments if things start to get out of hand. Authors who cannot follow these guidelines will not be considered for future reviews and community members who break these rules will be warned and/or temporarily or permanently banned. We stand by our reviews and will not alter or remove them after they have been posted to the websites for any reasons other than, changes due to a misunderstanding on our part (plots, character names, and setting/location). It is the author’s responsibility to contact us about any errors that are made.

The author/publisher is responsible for providing the material to be reviewed at your own expense. We would like submissions to be made, optimally, a minimum of 1 (one) month in advance of the review’s desired posting date, but exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We are able to accept submissions with less than a week until the publication date as long as you don’t mind your review posting after it has been published. However, a Rush fee will be charged for any review request that are less than 3 weeks.

We will accept the following types of submissions:
  • Physical book copy* 
  • eBooks in the following preferred formats: ePub, pdf or mobi 
  • EBooks in formats Calibre can be converted provided the content is NOT DRM protected. If it is DRM protected, if at all possible, please submit it as an unprotected ePub or pdf. We understand the security of your work is your highest priorities and we will never share or give away any work given to us, ARC/pdf/epub/physical copy/etc., unless given expressed permission by the authors or publishers. If you absolutely must submit a DRM title, please state that in your submission and provide the necessary access information for the file. We aren’t unwilling to accept DRM titles; they’re just more of a pain to review due to the innate restrictions placed on them. 
**Physical copies of books must be mailed directly to the address specified by BBL. If you wish the book to be returned when we complete the review, you must also include pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping materials with your submission. A Letter of Instructions is also required**


When you submit a request please provide the following information:
  • Contact Information* 
  • Author’s name* 
  • Publisher* 
  • Book name* 
  • Series* (new or existing) that book is part of & # book is in series (if any) 
  • Book blurb* (Briefly describe your book) 
  • Book excerpt* (Reasonably brief excerpt from your book) 
  • Publication date* 
  • Preferred review posting date time frame 
  • Type of media* being published (hardcover/paperback/ebook: list all types, including publication dates for each if they differ) 
  • Genre/sub-genre* of book (be as specific as possible) 
  • Website and/or blog links 
  • Social Media links and id information (for author and publisher) 
  • Are you interested in a guest post on BBL to help publicize your release? 
  • Would you like to sponsor or host a give-away for our readers? If “yes”, please let us know what you have in mind! 
  • Any additional information you feel we should know 
*Starred items are required fields. Submitting a request without supplying this information may result in a negative review decision and/or scheduling delay.*

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