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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taken By the Duke by Jess Michaels

I absolutely loved this book it had everything. Carriage chases, romance and broken hearts along with feuds. This is a must read for lovers of historical romance.

This book starts out with with Christian chasing after his sister Matilda and Liam. There is a horrible accident that scars both men and kills Matilda. In order to make Liam suffer, Christian kidnaps Ava; Liams sister.

As both family's have suffered because of this feud for generations, Ava offers herself to Christian. Christian soon realizes that there is more to Ava and that she is special.

Liam goes after his sister knowing her reputation is ruined. Christian makes Ava leave because he loves her so much. Liam arranges a marriage for Ava. Christian finds out that Matilda's maid wants her death avenged and goes after Ava. Christian comes to his senses and speeds to London even though he is still injured. Liam and Christian are forced to work together to save Ava before its to late.

Jaguar Fever by Terry Spear

Oohy Ooh! A sizzling action packed shifter romance that hits all the right spots. Even though the story is technically about Wade and Maya, I think my favorite character dynamic would be between Wade and his brother David. They are just so fun for each other, and the tight bond just comes through so well. Of course I love it that Maya is no pushover, and wasn’t afraid to take what she wanted even if she planned on making it be just a fling. Love shifters and especially love the big cats. Thanks Terry-a big 5 heart read.
Maya has lived in the wild with her brother isolated from the rest of the world her whole life. And when he finds a mate she decides that she has had enough of the isolation and goes into the city hoping to find more shifters and some fun. Fun being the main thing though, because she didn’t want to jump into a relationship only to be abandoned just like her mother.
Wade Patterson has just fallen head over heels, and the introductions have hardly even been made. From the first moment he saw Maya in the amazon he wanted her. Of course at the time he thought she was taken and was charged by the agency he is employed by to protect her. Now that he knows differently he is pulling out all the stops to reel her in and keep her safe from those hunting their species.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank You & Free Read from Jessica Scott




A Thank You on Memorial Day

Memorial Day has never been an easy holiday for me but since I deployed, it’s become more important to me as a veteran. Much of the support I’ve gotten in my writing career has been because of fellow author and reader support because of my being an army officer and an Iraq vet and I owe each and every one of you a debt of gratitude for your support.
I’m fortunate that this week, I’m able to spend this weekend holiday with my family. As many of you know, I’ve been separated from them for the last three months, attending an army school. I used some of the royalties from last year to fly home and for giving me that time with my family, dear readers, I say thank you.
To show my thanks, I’m putting THE LONG WAY HOME on sale this week for free. I’ve never done this outside of KDP Select, so I hope it appears free on all outlets. I hope you’ll read it and see just why spending time with my family is so important — because that first year home from war was so difficult.
THE LONG WAY HOME is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and other retailers.


I’m also thrilled to finally be able to announce that Carponti, Trent & Laura and the gang will finally be coming to readers. This week, the sale of Carponti’s novella I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, along with Laura & Trent’s BACK TO YOU, Reza & Emily’s COME HOME TO ME and Ben & Olivia’s FINDING MY WAY HOME will be released later this year and early next year by Grand Central. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’ve found a new home for these stories.


Squeak continues to escape on a bi-weekly basis. The last time she was out and about, she hid in the dryer for two days and didn’t come out. It took some finagling but I’ve finally managed to use my sociology book for a good purpose and she’s no longer able to work the latch to get out. At least until next time.
  — Jessica

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamara

This is definitely one love story that always pulls at the heart strings. You have Isabelle who was pushed out of society due to falling for a dishonorable man and having a son...Jack. She is strong enough to make it without any help until a stranger shows up on the beach to save her son from being pulled away to sea.

George is a scoundrel and is in some trouble in debts as well as now trying to figure out how to handle his mistress. But once he comes into contact with Jack and his very closed of mother, things become interesting and he does everything he can to see to it she trusts him. Of course what brings them together isn't the best of circumstances when Isabelle's son is kidnapped and George gives his word he'll bring the boy safely home.

This is an incredible story on how it takes a lot of trust for a relationship to even be possible. Ashlyn did an amazing job in capturing not only the emotions of the characters but also showed how some people of the ton  or the "popular crowd" don't look down their noses at those who are cast away because of something that wasn't even planned. This author really knows how to bring her words to life and bring her readers into the story. And I have to admit, the plot was slightly predictable but still had me think "Okay...I didn't see THAT coming."

Monday, May 20, 2013

Outcast Prince by Shona Husk


Full of fairy antics-loved it! After this book I know one thing for sure. Be ever mindful of your words when talking to a fairy. You just never know what you can get yourself into. I totally feel for Caspian-I really really don’t think I would like being able to “see “ the history of any item I touch.
All his life Caspian has tried to be normal. That is except for his psychometric ability and the fact that he has to actively ignore any fairy that may cross his path. He can see them only due to the fact that he is half fairy himself, and because of his fairy "godmother" Dylis he knows the rules of fairy interaction, or rather avoidance, because generally the only fairies in the mortal realm are Greys-or banished fairies who will do anything to get back into fairy. Caspian does well following these rules until a Grey called Shea catches his eye while Caspian is buying a fairy enchanted mirror and discovers who he is. Then the Grey is hellbent on forcing Caspian into finding the mirror containing the window to Fairy. Shea is able to force him into making a deal by threatening Lydia, the one person Caspian has found that he ever felt safe revealing his fairy roots to, and in making the deal he beaks Fairy law drawing the powers that be to him for penalty making the situation even more sure. Will Caspian be able to find the window in time to save his soul and keep Lydia safe?

Hearts in Darkness by Keri Arthur


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Matchpoint by Elise Sax

Looks like Gladie is still stuck in this interesting love triangle with Spencer,the playboy chief of police and Holden the secretive, gorgeously muscled neighbor...and on top of that the town is in an uproar with this invasion of an alien lovers cult. Gladie just got personally requested by her friend Belinda to make a match her up, but of course that is never easy. With everything going on there is another murder investigation and though she is trying to stay out of it, it seems everyone including Belinda who's the cops number one suspect is dragging her in.

I have to say this one really had a bunch of twists to it along with some laughs, plus some WTF moments. Definitely kept this reader on her toes cause I could never guess in my head which way the story was going to go. Nice to see some more character development when it comes to Gladie herself as well as you learn some interesting things about the secretive neighbor Holden. This series is on a good track, mixing romance with Gladie's personal love life, her trying to be the matchmaker her Grandma Zelda knows she can be, with a little mystery with her being able to figure out these murders using her gifts. If your just getting into this series I do suggest you read Elise Sax's first Matchmaker book "An Affair to Dismember" cause if you try to read this one alone you may be a little confused with the newest developments.

Spot Light Author Kate Hofman ~~Amadeo's Love Affair

Amadeo, Conte di Sant'Angelo, has met Heidelinde Müller, an advertising designer, on a ski trip. He wants to know this fascinating woman better. Their friendship grows, despite interference from their mothers and persistent old flames.

When a trip to his villa ends badly, he whisks her to the warm sands of Ocean Breeze, Florida.

Pushed to the limit, they enter a sham engagement.

Can he persuade her that he wants the engagement to be 'real'? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that are being thrown in their path to happiness?

AFFAIR – Excerpt #2

Amadeo smiled. "Jeff Harcourt and Tom Fredericks own the St.George Art Gallery downtown. They are a married gay couple, great fun. And they have exceptional artists working for their gallery." He decided to explain a bit more.
"I am friends with both Tom and Jeff. Let me warn you that Tom is at times a bit outré—he’s older than Jeff by some fifteen, twenty years, I would guess, but is fighting a valiant rearguard action to appear younger than he is—I guess he must be a bit over fifty, but you’d never know it. He’s a tawny redhead, who gets a light tan from Electric Beach, never risks the actual sun."

"Electric beach?"

Amadeo explained, "He goes to a tanning salon." He interrupted himself. "Well, you’ll soon see. When we’ve finished our walk we’ll drive over to the gallery. Tom will declare a coffee break and do his best to find out exactly what the situation is between us." He grinned. "I have no intention of telling him anything. It’s much more fun watching him ask clever questions trying to find out."

"You’ve piqued my curiosity."

"Glad I was able to pique something— The way you flew out of bed this morning I was beginning to wonder whether you thought you had exhausted my possibilities."

"As if."

Amadeo caught Heidelinde’s hand and pulled her a bit closer. "Had enough walking for the moment?" he breathed. When she nodded, he went on, "Then let’s get back, have a leisurely shower, and take our time getting dressed for an art gallery visit."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dragon Mine by Jaime Rush

I really loved this story.  It made me believe that love could conquer all and that it could survive many years.  I look forward to reading many more great books y Jamie Rush.  This book is a must read for all those that like a little magic with their romance.

Kirin is a dragon, and he is called home to find out why his father is missing.  Kirin stops at Becker Aerospace.  The place he used to work and the place he fell in love with Ellie, who is a deuce..  He runs into Ellie there while she is looking for her father.  Kirin realizes that all the old feelings are there and that they must work together to find out what happened to their fathers.  They must also destroy the creature that is in their old work place.

Headed for Trouble by Suzanne Bockman

Oh my goodness I loved this book!  Not only did we get a story, but we also got what I call the between stories.  Have you ever read a book and wondered what our heroes and heroines where doing between stories?  Now you can find out! Ms Bockman has answered our questions.

 One of the stories in this book touched my heart.  Arlene is in a reserve unit and has done two tours in combat zones.  Her daughter moved in with her brother while she was gone.  She finally gets to come home on leave.  She finds out that her daughter, Maggie has devised a plan so that her mother doesn’t have to go back.  Maggie has contacted her mothers first love Jack and asked him to get her mom pregnant.  Arlene says no to the idea and Jack goes out of his way to prove to Arlene that they are all meant to be a family.

The Look of Love by Bella Andre

I adored this book! It had everything.  Good guys, bad guys and a broken heroine!  It is a must read for those that love family stories with a happy ending.  I can’t wait to read more about the Sullivan family, so they can get their happy ending too.

Chase is the photographer in the family and he meets Chloe after she wrecks her car.  He can see the bruise on her face and knows that something happen.  Chloe breaks down and trusts Chase for one night.  Chase realizes that they have a connection and talks her into staying for the week while he is doing a photo shoot at his brothers vineyard.  When her ex husband shows up to take her home, chase is more then willing to prove to Chloe that his feelings for her are real.  Is she ready to trust enough to let Chase close to her heart?

Predatory by Alexandra Ivy

I loved this book.  It was an anthology by 4 different writers.  Each with their own spin on guardians and immortals.  It is a must read to get to know authors and their worlds.  I will just talk about the first book .

This book was great, it had a different twist on Valhalla.  In this book Valhalla was where the home of the freaks.  The people that were so smart or had special talents that they couldn’t function in normal society.

We have Angela who is a molecular biologist and Niko who is a Sentinel.  His job is to protect Angela from a freak who is after her to alter her DNA.  Niko does everything in his power to keep Angela safe.  He is even willing to give his life for hers.  Angela doesn’t want to believe she is a freak  They work together to protect each other, but will they protect their hearts?

The First Time by Lorie O’Clare

I enjoyed this book immensely.  I had read other books published by Ellora’s cave, but this was the first time reading a book by Ms. O’Clare and I am glad I did.  I can’t wait to read more from her.

In this book our couple Joanie and David is already established.  They have a wonderful relationship together with the right amount of kink.  Joanie realizes that she wants to fulfill one of her fantasies of having a threesome.  David loves her so much that he enlisted the help of his friend to help Joanie’s fantasy come true.

Bayou Heat by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

This book was a panty melter! I have never read a book where two authors where so in sync with each other.  The books flow together as if written by the same person.  This is a must read series.  I can’t wait to read more from them!

Bayon-  While on a mission for Raphael, Bayon discovers that Keira the mate he had wanted had been held captive for 24 years and not dead.  He rescues her and brings her back to the wilds where she is meant to be.

Jean-baptiste-He barely has his Panther under control and is sent to bring Isi to the swamps to help Ashe.  Genevieve is the suit that has been sent by the elders to stop him from bringing her in.  Sparks begin to fly when they are together.  Jean-baptiste realizes that his panther is calm when Genieve is around.  Now this tattooed tough guy must prove to Genevieve that she is his mate.

Bound to Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton

Oh my goodness this was a HOT book.  It had the evil sorceress, a trapped genie and the heroine!  Ms. Naughton put a wonderful twist on a fairy tale.  It is a must read for all fans of good conquering evil! 

First we have the djinni or genie Tariq, who is being held captive by Zoraida.  Zoraida is having Tariq collect souls so she can remain young forever.  Enter Mira, she goes to find a necklace that she has heard about that so she can learn how to attract a man and keep him.  She gets the necklace that Tariq is trapped in.  Tariq is surprised when he is summoned and finds out that Mira wants to learn how to please him.  Tariq realizes that Mira is a pure soul and doesn’t to take hers for Zoraida.  Can he protect Mira while he is trapped in the necklace?

Eternity Embraced by Larissa Ione

I loved reading this book! I have loved reading Ms. Ione’s books since she started the Demonica series and this is a continuation of it.  I can honestly say I love reading her books and have read them all.

This book is the story of Andrea and Kaden who are both Aegis fighters.  Kaden had been taken by Vampires so Andrea leads a team to rescue him.  Andrea discovers that her worst fears have come true and they have turned Kaden into a vampire.  Now Andrea has to kill the man that she loves.  Will their love be enough to hold them together?  Read it and find out!

Garden of Desire by Delilah Devlin

This was the first book that I have read by Ms. Devlin and I enjoyed it a lot.  I want to read more by her.  I hope she does more in this series.  It had it all futuristic pirates and dragons along with a concubine.  It is a must read.

We have  the ex pirate Cantor who is the Governor of an off world settlement that they can self govern.  It is filled with 387 woman and not enough men.  Martha realizes she wants Cantor and goes out of her way to get him.  When the transport ship returned Fahgwat was with them.  When Cantor first sees Fahgwat he wants her but she is a virgin and off limits.  He places her in his cabin for protection, Martha realizes that she could loose the man she loves to this new harem girl.  She goes out of her way to show Cantor that he is better off with them then out pirating among the stars.

Fastball by V.K. Sykes

This was a good book.  I will admit that I did have a hard time reading it at parts.  It seemed to drag for me making it harder for me to get into the story fully.  I figured you would want my honest opinion.

This was the story of Jake and Maddie.  Jake is a baseball player with the Patriots and Maddie is a reporter. Maddie tells Jake that she wants to do a real interview with him.  He agrees as long as she agrees to make it a private one.  During the interview they realize they have a connection together.  Maddie and Jake get into trouble for not following procedure for doing the interviews.  They are told to stay away from each other or else.  Jake finds ways to be around Maddie to see if there was really something there.  Read the book and find out if he hit’s a homerun or strikeout.