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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bayou Heat by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

This book was a panty melter! I have never read a book where two authors where so in sync with each other.  The books flow together as if written by the same person.  This is a must read series.  I can’t wait to read more from them!

Bayon-  While on a mission for Raphael, Bayon discovers that Keira the mate he had wanted had been held captive for 24 years and not dead.  He rescues her and brings her back to the wilds where she is meant to be.

Jean-baptiste-He barely has his Panther under control and is sent to bring Isi to the swamps to help Ashe.  Genevieve is the suit that has been sent by the elders to stop him from bringing her in.  Sparks begin to fly when they are together.  Jean-baptiste realizes that his panther is calm when Genieve is around.  Now this tattooed tough guy must prove to Genevieve that she is his mate.

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