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Friday, July 31, 2015

5/5 Review: Tempted by Fire by Erin Kellison

Tempted by Fire is the first in the enthralling new Dragons of Blood fire series by New York Times bestselling author Erin Kellison.

This is an exciting start to the series Dragons of Blood fire and it can be a read alone book. I really liked how the author described what going on so clearly in the first chapter especially so that you knew what the book was about and got your interest.
Erin is a great author and had me spellbound within the first few pages. 

The storyline is over 600 years old with a sad haunting double murder. Hopefully after a long sleep Thayne can find the murderers with the new clues and then go off to his final resting place so he cant hurt others. Emerson was brought into the dragon world because she was told she was part of it. But she isn't sure she is and doesn't want to be. She is strong willed and wants to help get the mystery of the murders resolved so she can quit and go on with a normal life.

Emerson is a great character who is so strong willed and the way she stands up to everyone/ she just wants to get her final job done and get on with a normal life. But little does she know how involved she is and what she is. Thayne is strong and trying so hard to not let the dragon take over him until he can find and avenge the murder of his wife and son over 600 years ago.  But the interaction between him and Emerson might cause problems on what they had planned for their life.

5/5 Reviews: Eternally Bound by K.A.Young

WOW! Is one of the only ways I can express how I felt about this book.  It had everything you can possible want.  It had drama, it had suspense.  This story took me on an emotional roller coaster ride that I was loath to get off of.  Thaddeus and Caroline are in my eyes, perfect for each other in every way.  I loved how they fell in love and how their love was so strong it even defied the sands of time.   

Caroline, who is happily married, starts to have nightmares of time long ago.  She is searching for her true love but cannot find him.  She cries out to him in her dreams but never reaches him.  This man is not her husband but a love that is more than 100 years in the past.  She undergoes therapy to see if she can find the root of her nightmares.  Little does she knows that she is on a dangerous path to reunite with a love that is determined to get her back. 

Can Caroline and Thaddeus find their way back to each other?  How can a love that is over a 100 years old survive so long? This story is truly an amazing piece of art.  I would definitely recommend this book as a must read. 

4/5 Review: Dreamweaver Trail by Emily March

Emily March has once again perfectly balanced the romance and reality of small town living. The characters are appealing, complex, and fully engage our emotions from the very first page. I loved that that the conflict that could arise from a romantic relationship between 2 people who have faced a tragedy together.was handled with delicate respect and realism. The developing relationship between Evie and Taryn had just as much emotional impact as the relationship between Evie and Brodie.

I was also very touched by the emotional angst of the Flynn who believed that trouble followed him in all his relationships. His persecution by the press and his father was insightful and moving and the resolution illuminating! It was great to see the residents of Eternity Springs accepted him. I really can't say enough about Emily and her gift for intricately involving her readers in the lives of her characters. From the moment you start the first chapter you feel time slowing, the mountain air filling your lungs with a fresh sense of purpose, neighbors caring for neighbors, and love blossoming before your eyes. By the time you reverently close the back cover of Eternity Springs Novel you will feel refreshed and renewed by this charming town... where it is easy to believe in the miracles... of Eternity Springs!

Eternity Springs and the people in it have seen their fair share of heartache and it's nice to be able to catch up with all the people we know from previous books whose stories of sorrow, hope, love and second chances have already touched our hearts. The characters in these novels are warm and real and the town is in a beautiful setting. The story began to drag just the tiniest bit in the middle and I wish the last scene had played out a little longer but all in all, March comes through with another tender romance making fans eager to read the next book in the series immediately.

4/5 Review: The Escape by Mary Balogh

What I personally love about this book is that its a romance, pure and simple. The story is about the slow revelation of the hero and heroine as they embark on their affair. Each has passed judgement on the other and with each interaction, they learn more about the other until its clear that they are as close to being a fated couple as is possible. Both come from painful backgrounds that ultimately led them to each other. There's no evil villain in the background, in fact, the crisis of the book is something so small and unexpected, yet so tragic.

All that being said, the romance between these two characters was excellently drawn. The sexual tension was at a fever pitch, and I really wanted these two to find happiness with each other. Too, within some of the least sexually intense scenes I've ever read in romance novels (kissing only), I felt an incredible heat between Benedict  and Samantha. A romance of epic proportions, I really ached for them when they were separated.
Add to this the fact that I couldn't put the book down, I do highly recommend it. A fabulous read all the way around.

5/5 Reviews: Drunk on You by Teri Anne Stanley

I must admit that I was sucked in from the beginning.  From the broody Justin to the head strong Alley, who can ask for better characters.  I loved being able to journey with this couple through their self-discovery. 

Justin Morgan, ex-Marine is finally home.  After two years of his best friend’s death in Afghanistan, he is still fighting his demons of guilt.  His one main reason of going back is to fulfill David’s last request, to look after his sister Allie.

Growing up Allie McGrath has always been in love with her brother’s best friend.  Eight years after Justin inadvertently crushes Allie’s heart, she sees him for the first time and realizes her heart still beats for him. 

Both try to deny their feelings for each other and both are unable to.  After a disaster that happens at the distillery their families own, they go on a trip trying to come up with the money to fix the mess they caused.  Not only do they discover their feelings for each other run deeper than they thought, they both must find a way to overcome their own issues. 

Liquor, passion, drama and a great story line; It is a combination that will have you drunk on them.  This is a definite must read.  

Release: FRISK ME by Lauren Layne + GIVEAWAY!!!

After a photograph of Luc Moretti saving a tourist hits social media, he instantly becomes New York's most famous and beloved cop. When a major network decides to run a special on the "American Hero," Luc's boss gives him no choice but to cooperate in the name of good exposure for the department. Luc doesn't mind the celebrity status-what he does mind is the gorgeous brunette journalist who's been assigned to follow his every move. Especially since she also happens to be the same knockout that rejected him rather publicly the week before.

Ava Sims is a woman who gets what she wants. And what she wants is to be CBC's lead anchor-but to get there, she'll need to nail the fluff piece on the playboy cop. Luc Moretti is everything Ava knows to stay away from: a stubborn charmer with a hero-complex. But the more Ava gets to know Luc and his oddball family, the more she realizes that beneath the swagger and the blue uniform is a complex man who makes her heart beat too fast. Soon, Ava's doing the unthinkable, and falling for the best of New York's finest …

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Author Bio

A long-time romance reader, Lauren Layne thinks the only thing better than reading about happy endings is writing them. She now pursues a full-time career in Happily Ever After, a job she's naturally suited for after marrying her high school sweetheart. A bit of a nomad, Lauren's lived everywhere from Orange County to Manhattan, and currently lives in the Seattle-area. Her hobbies include coffee by day, wine by night, and lots of writing in between. She's also a total website nerd and insists you check out


Ava Sims reached out and gave his arm a smug little pat, either oblivious or indifferent to Luc's inner turmoil.
"We start Monday. What time do you get to work?"
"Sorry?" he said.
"Your work day. When do you start?"
He shook his head. "Why does it matter? Don't you just tell me what day and time to show up at your studio?
She rolled her eyes. "We can't just have three hours worth of face-to-face interviews in cushy chairs. This is an inside look at America's Hero."
"Hold on now," Luc said, his irritation escalating to panic. "Three hours? And America's what?"
"America's Hero. It'll be the name of the series."
Oh sweet Jesus.
"Now hold the hell on," he said. "There's not going to be a series. Just ask me a few questions and be done with it."
Her grin had gone beyond smug to full out gloating. "It's already approved. It'll be a three-hour special, divided up over three nights. Pretty standard."
"Standard, my ass," Luc snapped. "How the hell are you going to stretch four minutes of amateur video into three hours?"
Ava gave an expectant look at the captain who cleared his throat nervously before explaining. "Ms. Sims and her team will be shadowing you for a while, Moretti. A day in the life of a New York's Finest, and all that."
"Just think, two whole months together!" she said, with a mockingly bright smile meant to annoy him. "Won't that be fun? You can show me all the lives you've saved with those parking tickets."
Luc was too busy grinding his teeth to reply. Ava dug something out of her purse, slapping it against his chest before sweeping towards the door in her sexy high heels.
"See you on Monday, Officer."
Luc swallowed against the surge of panic. He couldn't do this. He wouldn't do this. It was one thing to be a local hero. Another thing entirely to become a "household names" as Ava had indicated. The last thing Luc needed was an even brighter spotlight on him, shining in places that should remain in the dark forever.
"I don't like it either," Brinker said gruffly, displaying a rare perceptiveness. "But I can tell you right now, there's no point in fighting it. Your father's replacement made it clear that this was an order. Not a request."
Fuck. Fuck. If he were Anthony, or even Vincent, he would have pushed back. Would have shoved his principles down Brinker's throat, superior or not.
But Luc wasn't his brothers. Luc wasn't a hotheaded hotshot. And he had far too much respect for the NYPD to pull a tantrum. 
He would do his duty. He always did his duty. With pride.
Still, he couldn't stop the groan of dread in anticipation of what lay ahead , Luc glanced down at the crumpled piece of paper that Ava had thrust at him. There was a coffee stain in one corner, and something that looked like lipstick smeared across the front, but there was no mistaking what he was looking at.
It was a three-year-old parking ticket. 
She'd never paid it.  
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

4/5 Review: Time Shifters by Myra Nour

I was not sold on this book when I first picked it up.  I assumed that it would be a typical shifters romance novel but boy was I wrong.  A mix of suspense, romance and time travel was definitely a great twist to your everyday paranormal romances. 

Raynor had me fall for him since the beginning of the story.  The sexy, gentle, caring, protective man is the type of guy a lot of women dream of.  Briana, on the other hand, was not the type of heroine I expected.  I, however, did love her personality and boldness when she shifted.

I do wish there was more back story to the characters.  It was a here and now type of story with very little background to their lives.  I was definitely drawn in and would have loved it if was longer.  I will be checking out more of Myra Nour’s books as this one had a great amount of potential.  It was a quick read but it was good. 

5/5 Review: Cursed By Destiny by Cecy Robson

The part of the story I enjoyed the most was the dynamics between the sisters. I want more and more of the sisters! Each is so different in personality but none of them is annoying (at least to me). I think if I had to pick one I wanted to be, it would be Shayna. She's just so sneaky with her toothpicks (just go read the book!), although I don't think I can go around calling everyone, "dude". I can see so much potential in the series: individual stories about each sister, stories from the vampire world, stories about the weres...

Speaking of weres, there was mention of a werewolf alpha, Aric, in the synopsis. Oh, my..... I do love my alphas! Aric is definitely a new book boyfriend of mine!! He's hot, protective, but he's not perfect. I like a man with a flaw or two (case in point, my number one boyfriend, Rehvenge, but I digress...). Our other leading man, Misha, reminds me a little of Mircea Basarab (from Karen Chance's Cassie Palmer series) and Eric Northman, thrown in a blender 50/50. Cocky, smart, and definitely a Northern European god in the looks department.

Overall, I think Cursed By Destiny has the perfect mix of urban fantasy: 33% Mystery/world building - 33% Kick butt fight scenes - 33% Romance. This is definitely a lighter, fun read. Don't go looking for a deeper meaning to life or the mysteries of the universe explained. This is a let-your-mind-go and escape to where ordinary girls can get "cursed" with extraordinary powers and just have fun, damn it. I bet someday the girls won't think it's a curse.  recommend you to clear your calendar and have the delivery menu ready when you are reading Cursed By Destiny because after you start reading it you won't be able to put it down until you reach its very last word.

4/5 Review: Risky Game by Tracy Solheim

The scenes between Brody and Shannon are full of simmering heat and smoking hot chemistry. Their verbal sparing is just a warm-up for what a physical relationship between them will bring. Their only problem; their pasts - both his and hers. I really enjoyed how Ms. Solheim let us get to know each character individually and then brought them together. They both have issues in their lives they'll have to address and they'll have to figure out how to get their plans for the future to work.

The secondary characters are well done and contribute additional color to the story. I especially liked Maddox and Bridgett. The sports aspect was perfect done. Enough to keep you in the game but not overpower the romance or become overwhelming for the non-sporty type. I loved getting to meet some of the team and their families and would love to read their stories especially Bridgett

Will Brody continues to be healthy enough play ball? Will the love building between Brody and Shay change both of their lives for the better? You'll have to read Risky Game to find out. I enjoyed it and I think you will too. I can't wait to see which player's story we'll get next.

5/5 Review: Playing Dirty by C.L Parker

This was the first of her books that I have read but it definitely will not be the last.  I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review and was extremely pleased with it. 

This is not a clean cut romance novel.  It is hot.  It is sexy.  It is drama.  It is life.  It is AMAZING.  The author was able to put real issues into the plot and gave the characters such depth that they seemed real.  The inner conflicts and emotions every single one of the characters in this story has shown is so on point that almost everyone who reads this book will be able to relate to at least one of them or has experienced some of the issues mentioned in the story.

Cassidy Whalen, the fiery Ice queen and Shaw Mathews, the arrogant Playboy, are the top two sports agents of the Striker Sports Entertainment Company.  With the retirement of one of the partners of the company comes the chance of a lifetime.  A chance both Cassidy and Shaw covet.  The chance at becoming partner!  Their assumption of each other has caused a major dislike since the moment they met.  Their rivalry and hatred has increased tenfold with the challenge issued by the partners of SSE.
Wade Price, one of the partners, has mentored Cassidy for the position since she began.  Monty Prather, the retiring partner has groomed Shaw for the position since he began.  Unable to make a decision as to who should be awarded the partnership, the two have finally come to a decision.  It is a decision that will change both Cassidy and Shaw’s lives.  

A challenge has been issued.  What better way to find the best of the best than to put the two against each other in a competition that holds the partnership as the reward for the winner. Both Cassidy and Shaw are stubborn and will not back down.  They have deeper feelings for each other but none are willing to admit them even to themselves.  Arguments turn sexual, tension is high, and situations get out of hand.  Will this hate and lust turn to love?  Who will win the challenge and become partner? 

This is a definite must read that had me turning pages even when the story ended.  It stops at a critical point where it leaves you with a desperate need to read the next book in the series.  I cannot wait for Getting Rough to come out.  I am looking forward to it.    

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cover Reveal: The Winter Laird by Nancy Scanlon


Successful matchmaker Brianagh O’Rourke believes in happily-ever-afters...just not her own. She’s convinced passion only exists in her dreams. When she reluctantly accepts a marriage proposal, Bri decides she needs a vacation—but she didn't expect it to be in 13th century Ireland.


Laird Nioclas MacWilliam just wants peace for his clan. The time for him to marry has come, and after waiting years for his ally to present their daughter, he’s agreed to marry another. But on the eve of his nuptials, a daring rescue brings his missing betrothed right into his arms.
And she does not want to be there.


Brianagh has to return to the future. Nioclas has to marry. He offers a solution for the both of them: She marries him and stays for three months, and they work together to convince his clan they are a love match. In return, he vows to safely return her home. But as the days turn to weeks, they both begin to see what a happily-ever-after could be. And when the time comes, does Brianagh return to the life she’s built, or does she remain in the past for a chance at true love?


Born and raised near Boston, MA, Nancy wrote her first romance novel at age 16, when she realized that fictional boyfriends were much easier to figure out than real ones. In the time since, she managed to earn her B.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, obtain a graduate certificate in creative writing from the University of Cambridge, and marry the man of her dreams (but she still holds tight to her fictional boyfriends).

By day, Nancy is the technical writer for a software company, and she adores all things misty, caffeinated, chocolate and grammatically correct. Currently, she resides in the metro New York City area with her husband, two small children, and two not-so-small dogs.
When not writing, Nancy spends her time reading, reviewing and blogging about romance novels, watching too much HGTV, and taking care of her family.

Author links:

Review: Back to Before by Tracy Solheim

When his father’s sudden death puts his family’s construction business in serious debt, architect Gavin McAlister is forced to put his dream career in New York on hold. Making matters worse, his fiancĂ© called it quits. Desperate to return to his big-city life, he discovers an opportunity to save his family, one that has him reluctantly starring in a home restoration TV show.

Former soap star Ginger Walsh hopes this job as a TV makeup artist will lead to better things. So far it’s only brought her to a hamlet full of people who don’t like her—except Gavin. After a wild night out leads to Ginger waking up at Gavin’s loft—and the rest of the town talking—the two of them soon wonder if getting back to before is what they want. Because being in each other’s arms certainly feels like what they need…
Tracy Solheim has created such a fantastic cast of small town characters in her Second Chance series.The characterization in the story is fantastic, and it’s hard not to love the two leads and their friends and family. I was crying in so many places with how sweet and heartbreaking the story is—and I still can’t believe I almost didn’t give it a chance at the start!
The romance in this book is slow but it was so worth it. I found myself so invested in the story, my emotions took me on a wild ride. I was angry, and sad, and happy and everything else in between. I was angry that the towns people took everything out on Ginger, angry and disgusted about how they had treated her. I think that as an adults we know the difference between acting and real life. But I loved Gavin and Ginger, I loved their interactions and watching the way Ginger had of letting herself be happy again.
As I mentioned earlier the book does have kind of a slower pace to it, there is a lot of build up.There's a lot of everyday activities taking place within the book, which does help to make the characters feel like ordinary people, but it does keep the pace a little bit on the slow side, which made the book feel pretty long to me. The characters in this book are pretty well developed, and the secondary characters in this book really work, they are definitely not after thoughts, and really help make the storyline into what it is.

Overall, I liked the book, I liked the build up of tension between Ginger and Gavin and the payoff in the end (although I did kind of thing the end result was too rushed). If you like small town romances, or romances that have a little bit of mystery thrown in, then you might want to check out this book.

Reviews: A Shattered Moment by Tiffany King

A Shattered Moment is the first in Tiffany King's Fractured Live's series. 

Mackenzie's life is changed forever, when on graduation night, she and her friends are in a horrible car accident. Most of her life long friends are killed when they are hit by a drunk driver. Fast forward a year and she has finally started college, she isn't the person she was before the accident - now she is antisocial and has physical scars of that night. Mac doesn't want anyone in her life.

My heart bled for Mac - how do you go on when your world is gone? It is nice to read a book that has a sense of innocence about it. The way Bentley cares about Mac and wants to bring her life peace is touching. It's a nice change to have a good guy trying to help a broken girl find her place in life and a place in his life.

If you are looking for a well written, sweet college romance - this is a keeper! I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Review: Silver Thaw by Catherine Anderson

After years of living in fear of her husband, Amanda Banning has left him and moved to Mystic Creek, Oregon, for a fresh start. But she’s having a tough time providing for herself and her six-year-old daughter. Writing her secret yearnings on slips of paper and sending them into the wind helps her cling to the hope that things will get better…and that she can find happiness again.

Jeb Sterling has no idea that the handwritten messages he finds scattered across his land are the first hints that his life is about to change. Nor does he understand why he feels so compelled to help Amanda Banning and her daughter when a cold snap leaves them temporarily homeless. Maybe he’s inspired by Amanda’s courage or perhaps by her beautiful brown eyes. Either way, the man who once renounced love suddenly finds himself willing to do anything for the pair. Amanda seems to have given up on her dreams, but Jeb refuses to quit until he makes her every wish come true.…
Catherine Anderson is one author you won't forget and fans of this gifted author will welcome the her new Mystic Creek Series. In Silver Thaw, Anderson delivers an incredibly poignant contemporary bursting with her usual flare. You will fall in love with the Sterling Family.This is one author who continues to push the romance genre forward by blending sweetness with remarkable insight.
Ms. Anderson develops a wonderful, warm romance for Amanda and Jeb.Amanda arrived in Mystic Creek fleeing for her life. She worked in the cafeteria where her young daughter attended school. Her only form of communication with others was the pink slips of paper on which she wrote her wishes and dreams, then released them on the wind. After reading Jeb realizes his life is empty and Amanda and her adorable daughter Chloe is the antidote.

How many women have had to endure that kind of life....and didn't survive? The hero also struck gold. How often do we get so caught up with our pain and grief that we forget others in our lives and the pain that our pain is causing them? Ms Anderson has shown us that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. One thing I have always admired about Anderson is her ability to write description. It adds a serene level of believability while reading about the a Snowstorm in Oregon.There is no question she has done a lot of research about the area and all the surroundings she writes about. This is a great book that I had trouble putting down until I finished it. I would definitely recommend it, and am looking for to Book 2 in the Mystic Creek Series.


Review: Diamond Spur by Diana Palmer

It's been a while since I read a Diana Palmer book, especially the Long Tall Texan series. And although the story format is the same, Diamond Spur definitely have a new dimension added to it. A rugged rancher with a bad temper, alienated himself because of a tragic past that left him feeling nothing but loneliness and distrust of women. Not to mention, he is completely in love with a woman whose love he tried so hard to pretend he didn’t want.

Jason is a bitter man with a temper to match him. He was abandoned by his mother at a young age so his outlook of women is very jaded. However, that didn’t stop Jason from falling in love with the girl next door. He’s very proud and stubborn, he doesn’t want commitment, and he doesn’t like to accept help from anyone especially from Kate Whittman.

Kate is a wallflower, someone who have been inserted into Jason’s care. And just like any modern woman, she left Texas after being pushed away from Jason. Kate have a mind of her own. She wants to be a designer and her debut collection is going to be great. But unlike most women, Kate didn’t have the support she needed from the men in her life, including one Jason Donovan. Growing up, she have always admired him and came to love him. But with the barrier between them, Jason have always been so distance and far away from her.

Diamond Spur shines like diamonds in the rough. It is charming and captures the essence of love like the stars in the universe. The story have so many twists and turns that are easily be related in real life. What I love most about this story is the love between Jason and Kate, even though it seems both of them are too stubborn for their own good. One gives all and the other is too afraid to accept, mainly because he’s afraid it wouldn’t last. But love lasts forever, they both just have to realize their happy ending are in each other arms.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review: Meet Me at the Beach by V.K. Sykes


When Lily Doyle spots her high school crush Aiden Flynn on the inbound ferry, she knows trouble is about to dock in Seashell Bay. And not just because he's more handsome than ever. If Aiden's in town, the rumors must be true about his family's plan to sell their coastal land to the highest bidder. But Lily will do whatever it takes to convince the hottest guy on the beach to protect their idyllic island home.

Gorgeous Lily Doyle was the only thing Aiden missed after he escaped from his hometown to play pro baseball. Now all Aiden wants is to wrap up the business deal and get back to his life, not relive a past that still haunts him. But as memories rush in about the night of passion he and Lily shared long ago, everything else washes right out to sea-everything except the desire that still burns between them.
This story was a sweet read. Both Aiden and Lily have grown up since their high school days. Aiden may still be a Jock in ways but he has certainly realized that he needs Lily in his life. Lily is now a woman who stands on her own and thinks for herself. The sparks fly between the two from their first time they set eyes on each other again.
The unique connection between Aiden and Lily touches deep emotions. I love the the fact they did not get in minor fights and break up.They both realized that what they had was special even at a young age. I also like the simple way the story is told as Cassie and her daughter make a new life for themselves. The author clearly understands the human heart as she tells this story of love, hope, and forgiveness. I really enjoyed this story. It's typical Sykes style, with very realistic people, in realistic situations I would want to live in Seashell Bay.

Review: For Real by Alexis Hall

I would definitely give this book 5 stars! I have never read anything by this author but the blurb intrigued me.  The idea of the older man and the younger man is not new but the fact that the younger man is the Dom is different than what I am used to, and this author made it work.  I could not put this book down almost as soon as I started reading!  

The emotions that ripped through Laurie and Toby were so real and in your face that you felt part of the couple.  I loved that while Toby is young (19 years old) he is not portrayed as being a kid playing at being a Dom.  Laurie is looking for a Dom to make him feel alive again but even though he feels an almost instant connection to Toby he keeps a part of himself distant from him.  The scenes between them are so emotional and explosive.  

I love that Laurie is able to be the Sub he needs to be even though Toby is still learning to be the Dom he is meant to be, and whom better to teach him than his Sub.  They learn to trust each other and I would to read about how their relationship progresses.  It is not going to be the last book I read by Alexis Hall and would completely recommend this book.

Review: Bengal's Quest by Lora Leigh

Having read all of this series, I cannot praise this book enough.  All of this Author's writings are amazing.  You will find no better writing that this.  Each of these books gives a glimpse into the Breeds world.  Each story holds so many emotions; Love, Lust, Protection, and Honor.

Cat was created and endured a life of hiding and sorrow.  She knew that one day G (Gideon) would return for her but she never imagined it would be a return for his mate.  She believed he had deserted her and left her to fend for herself.  Years later she will learn the truth. Will she be able to accept his truth or will her anger for him keep growing.

G loved Cat from the minute she was created.  As a young boy, he knew he had to protect her.  That protection came with a huge cost.  Can he explain and make her see reason or if he doomed for a life without his mate? 

The world of Breeds is fascinating to me and I'm super happy to see Gideon finally get his story. I've been anxiously waiting for him to make his appearance.  I have enjoyed every book in this series.  I highly recommend to anyone who loves to read. These books will transport you into a world of despair, lost love, and happy ever after. So hold on to your seat, because you are in for the ride of a  lifetime with lots of bumps and twisted adventures.  Happy reading!