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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Darkness Becomes Her by Jaime Rush

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary.
They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry—and they are in terrible danger.

Darkness Becomes Her is the sixth installment in the Offspring Series by Jaime Rush. 
     In this story we read about Lachlan McLeod,  turned 'monk' after he accidentally killed his mother while playing around with his ability to astral project, and Jessie Bellandre who as a child watched her uncle Russell kill her mother and possess her father when he was using his Darkness. After she escaped she had been running from him for 15 years. 
     While trying to kidnap Jessie, Russell badly injures Lachlan’s brother Magnus and Jessie saves him with her Darkness, which puts him in a temporary coma. Wanting Russell dead for what he did, Lachlan forces Jessie into accepting his help. Later they find out Lachlan is being assisted by the spirit of Olaf, and 18th-century kin of Lachlan and Magnus and he helps Jessie find her mother and father and put the pieces of her life together and find out what really happened those 15 years ago. 
     I loved the buildup in the relationship between Jessie and Lachlan, They didn't just jump into bed and fall in love. They struggled with their feelings and Lachlan's honor towards his brother.  It was nice to read that Lachlan had never been with a woman before.....but that didn't mean he didn't know what he as doing.  The love scenes were well written.
     This was the first book in this series by Ms. Rush that I have read.  As a series book I didn't feel lost not having read any others.  I definitely am interested in reading the rest of the Series and I cannot wait to read the next book. 
     My only complaint was the ending.  I was waiting to turn the page to see Lachlan go see Magnus when he awoke and to tell him what happened, but it just ended,   But it just makes me (not that I wasn't going to anyway) more anxious to read the next book.
     Thank you Jaime for the opportunity to read and review Darkness Becomes Her....I highly recommend this book and the Series.

Check out Jaime Rush at
And on facebook at


Thursday, May 24, 2012


‎*** CONTEST 05/24 THRU 05/26 ***

 Guess what we have for you today, that’s right, the queen of the Undead, or as I like to call it, the goddess of the night. Bestselling author Amanda Ashley is here with us today. She has graciously came to visit us as we follow up with an interview. The author Goddess is well known for her knights of the night, a.k.a vampires, and her othe pen name as Madeline Baker writing western historical romance.

I don’t know about you but I have never been disappointed with the AG books, especially her immortal vampires. But no surprise there, she is an amazing author and we both share the love of Vampire Diaries, Yay!!! So, without further adieu, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you, the amazing, talentend, kind-hearted, my author goddess Amanda Ashley a.k.a. Madeline Baker!!!!!!

BBL: Good morning Mandy *hugs* Thank you for being here with us today.

Mandy: *smiles and waves to everyone* Hi BBL, thank you for having me.

BBL: I know you’ve been very busy plus, you were doing revision with your WIP. I hope that wasn’t too bad for you.

Mandy: The revision went well actually and I got it all straightened out. Thank god!

BBL: *laughs* I’m happy to hear that. I’m sure it will be a big hit once you got it in print. So let’s go back to your earlier days, when did you start writing and what was the first thing you wrote?

Mandy:  Gosh, I started years ago, when my kids were little. The first thing I wrote was Comanche Flame. I lived that story day and night, thought about it constantly.

BBL: *smiles* So that was like your baby, huh. I know a lot of authors have muses or inspired by a triggered event. How about you? Where do you get your ideas on what you write?

Mandy: I have no idea! They just come to me. I know some writers were saying they have a million ideas in their heads. I wish I could say that!

BBL: I don’t know Mandy, from where I’m sitting, you sure have a lot of ideas and I love them all. *making a bowing sign* I bow down to you, author goddess *laughs.
What are some hobbies or things you are into that you do when not writing?

Mandy: I love going to movies and plays, walking my dog, playing with my grandkids, reading, working on my web page.

BBL: You’re pretty technical savy from what I can tell. And I know your readers love it whenever you’re around on Facebook. But I know for an author, writing will always be a priortity. But have you evern been so engrossed in writing that you slipped out in public in your jammies?

Mandy:    LOL. No

BBL: I know writing isn’t as easy as it seems to some people. Can you tell us about any challenges you met getting your first book published?

Mandy: Well, it was rejected 31 times before Leisure Books bought it
BBL: That must have been tough on you. Speaking of which, what has been the toughest criticism/best compliment given to you as an author?

Mandy:  I think the best compliments came when I was writing historical romances. All my heroes were Indians and I got a number of letters from people asking if I was Indian. I took that as a compliment!

BBL: What is your current project and when is your next release?

Mandy:  I’m currently working on a book set in a town where, once people go in, they can’t get out…..kind of Twilight Zone-ish J
Also, my next book, due out the 3rd of June, is HIS DARK EMBRACE, followed in August by DESIRE THE NIGHT

BBL: Let’s switch this a little bit and wrap this up so we don’t keep you away from writing for too long. Do you have a favorite immortal?

Mandy: Damon from Vampire Diaries.  All of my vampire heroes J

BBL: How about a sweet tooth. Light or dark chocolate?

Mandy: Definitely dark!

BBL: What’s your favorite drink?

Mandy: Hot chocolate. yum!

BBL: As we wrap this up, do you have any message to the readers?

Mandy: I’d just like to say thank you for all your letters and support through the years. I appreciate it when you take the time to share your thoughts with me.

Well, there you have it guys. The goddess has spoken!!! *laughs* She’s pretty awesome, and if you haven’t read her books, you’re definitely missing out. Her vampires definitely live up to the old saying, tall, dark, and deadly. These exotic men will take you to a place you’ve never been before. They’ll seduce you into submission, shower you with endless nights of desire, and who knows, you might enjoy the night so much and ask for the “dark gift”. Either way, Amanda Ashley books will leave you breathless and panting for more.

As always, BBL doesn’t do anything half way as we value the quality of service we bring to you. So for this weekend, the wonderful Amanda Ashley is our sponsor for the giveaway, 2 lucky winners will be chosen to receive 2 signed books, OPEN TO US RESIDENT ONLY. Please be sure you follow the Contest Requirements to qualify.

Don't forget, you guys also have Ms Ashley with us all weekend long. So if there's a burning question you've been wanting to ask, don't hesitate.

Contest Requirements:   
1) What type is your favorite "vampire?
2) Please comment below with your answer.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Familiar Stranger by Victoria Danann

Minutes ahead of inevitable assassination, Elora is accidentally transported to an alternate dimension similar, but not identical to her own...

Of course a girl could suffer worse problems than having gorgeous guys in love with her. Perhaps more importantly, in the midst of an epidemic of vampire related abductions, can she stay alive long enough to choose between the devotion of the noble and stalwart knight who has saved her life twice, the charm and sexual magnetism of the fun loving elf who wants to claim her as his mate, or the passion of the intensely seductive, six-hundred-year-old vampire?

The story starts out with Elora witnessing the massacre of her entire family. She is frozen in place by fear so her friend and tutor, Monq gets to her in time to save her. He open a portal to another dimension and pushes her in with the parting words "be happy". Her inter-dimension travel ends with her injured, unrecognizable as a human and at the feet of elites of the order of the Black Swan.....Storm (a human), Ram (an elf) and Kay (a berserker).  Storm, feeling that he needed to save whatever this was, he picked Elora up and carries her to the infirmary where she spends weeks recovering from the injuries she sustained. When she is healed, she was finally told what had happened, that she had been transported to another dimension parallel to her own, where things were both different and alike. 
She becomes a part of Storm, Ram and Kay's group, and other than Kay (who is engaged), the other two are determined to win her heart. Especially Ram who knows that she is his life mate, the only woman fate has chosen for him.

Let me just say I am (im)patiently awaiting the next installment. I loved this story. I loved how Ms. Danann didn't make this story into an instant love, it progressed over time. It was a wonderfully intriguing romance with it's own twist on the paranormal world and I loved every page. 

Visit Victoria Danann at
or friend her on facebook at

Undone By Lila Dipasqua

Rescuing this beauty from the ‘tower’ is only the beginning . . .

This is the story of a common man trying to work his way to be a noble, and a noble lady who only wants be common and safe. 

In this story we are reacquainted with Simon Boulenger who we've met in A Midnight Dance (book 3 in the Fiery Tales Series) and we meet Angelica, a noble who's life was turned upside down at the age of fourteen when her stepfather did the unthinkable. She escapes him and flees to a convent where she spends the next ten years of her life, content and safe until one fateful night Simon appears and takes her to his ship.
Each having secrets neither will tell the other, they struggle with the feelings they have and the secrets they are hiding. 

Does the journey they travel show them that love can conquer all? Well you'll just have to read it.

I laughed, I cried, I smiled and I wanted to pull my hair out (sometimes all at the same time *lol*). This is one of the best Historical Romances I have read.  It is an emotional roller coaster you will not be disappointed in riding.  There are twists and turns and things you didn't see coming. Lila keeps you wanting to read this story right from the first line...And the love scenes....a-ma-zing!  Fantastic storyline and writing once again by Ms. Dipasqua! 

Want to read more of Lila Dipasqua, check out her website at 
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shelia Stewart......A Taste of Humanity.

Have you ever wanted to have a one night stand with a stranger no questions asked? If you ever have then Shelia Stewart's “A Taste of Humanity” is a good place to start.  

This book is a short story about a Lady named Penny. Penny decides to apply online for a dating site is presented with a chance to have a one stand with a total stranger. She jumps at the chance and meets up with one Cade O’Donnell in Sin City. Cade decides to show Penny Las Vegas since it is her first time there. He shows Penny the town and then reveals to her that he is a Vampire.

The sparks fly as these two put the “SIN” in Sin City.

Desiree Holt.......Joy Ride

Have you ever wanted to break out of your mold and do the unexpected? Have you ever wanted to take a chance on the unknown? Then Desiree Holt’s “Joy Ride” is the book for you.    

This book was about Emma and Marc or ML and GM. Emma finds herself wanting more out of her life. She realizes that she is stuck in a gray world. She wants more out of life. She finds herself at a club and she meets her GM. Emma is unsure about him but decides to take a chance after hearing Marc play the bass guitar. She tries to keep her life in balance by refusing to tell Marc her name.  She hopes that if things don't work out she can go back to her gray world.  She realizes that there is more out there and Marc is the man to show her the world full of color.

Can the two of them make sweet music together or will Emma’s reservations and ho hum life keep them apart?  Darlings you have to read the book to find out!

*Fans her face and leans back on the pillows* Lord, this was a great book and defiantly fan worthy.


*** Contest 05/22 thru 05/23 ***

Hello lovelies, I hope you guys had a great weekend, those of you who BBQ, shame on your for not inviting us. *laughs* Well, it's the 3rd week of May and our Anniversary Celebration is still going strong. Thanks to all of you, of course. Well, next up for today we have the amazing, talented, kind-hearted, and amazing Jaime Rush!!! She is the author of the Offspring series and also USA Bestselling author. Her next book out is Darkness Becomes Her will hit bookstands on 05/29.

Live Chat begins at 6/7pm CST on our Facebook page:

Here's a snippet of of this awesome book. And don't you just love the cover? *sighs*

She hid her smile as she took another sip. "But now you want to impress me."
"Why would I need to do anything more? I swept you off your feet at our first meeting."
"As I recall, I swept you off your feet."
He nodded. "Knocked me on my arse, you did."

She hated that he had injuries because of her. She'd dragged two men into her danger. But Lachlan was dangerous, too. And not only because he'd tangled in her heart like a vine with his loneliness and honor.

"Stop talking about your sex. I mean, about sex. You know, if you and Magnus marry, you'll be my sister. So when I watch you walking down the aisle, I don’t want to be thinking about you diddling yourself with a vibrator."

"You do see the profundity of that, don't you? That you take something broken and make it whole? That you're drawn to that, feeling so broken yourself."

She pointed at his chest, her finger poking hard muscle. "Do not flirt with me, Lachlan McLeod. It's wrong and unfair and … frustrating."
"Was that flirting?"
On anyone else, she’d suspect that guileless expression was an act. "Yes. You do this thing with your eyebrow, asking if we're talking about food, and it makes me all crazy inside because you can't go there and I can't go there. So stop."
"I was flirting, eh? Mm, interesting. It just sort of came out, the spicy thing, and I didn't know I was doing a thing with my eyebrow.” He released a huff of breath. “It’s so damned easy with you, Jess. I was being honest when I said I'd shut that part of myself off and you turned it back on again. Just goes to show you what a sod I am, flirting with you and not even realizing it."

"You do as I say. Your hands, my command. I keep my honor, and you … well, you get off."

She was still standing there, looking delicious and flushed and a bit piqued. "You got off?"
Well, he could hardly hide it. "I didn't mean to. A man can only take so much."
What happened to the nice, simple kiss?"
She jammed the shirt down over her head, catching her nose for a second. Her hair was adorably messed when she yanked her head free. "Still, a kiss is just a kiss. It shouldn't do … that to you." She gestured to the region of his pelvis.
"It wasn’t just the kiss. That revved me, sure, and then you did a … wiggle thing."
"I didn't wiggle."
"Aye, you did. Like this." He imitated it as best as he could. "Then you did a grind." Just the word conjured it up again. "And that did it."

His mouth quirked. "You're giving me the same look you had when you sent me that lovely gesture with your finger."
"That's ‘cause I'm too tired to make the gesture. But don't doubt for a second that I'm sending it."

He wouldn't judge her. He'd done worse things, in his opinion. Like him, she judged herself more harshly than anyone ever would.

** Two (2) winners will be chosen for this contest, the winners will each receive Darkness Becomes Her in paperback. Reminder, the book comes out on 05/29 so you'll receive the book roughly 2 weeks after that. **

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Friday, May 18, 2012


  *** Contest 05/18 thru 05/20 ***

TGIF!!! So, you guys having fun with Ellora’s Cave week so far? The last author we have from EC is the wickedly witty, Paige Tyler!!! Paige is one of EC bestselling author and has written numerous of books that would make even your aunties and mothers blushed. Currently, her newest release is TWO COPS, A GIRL AND A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS. It’s a hot read with lots of steamy action scenes that you don’t want to miss. Couple of our readers once mentioned this book has given them ideas for private fun, whatever that means, right? *laughs* 

As always, we love having you, the readers here with us. Your love and support means everything in the world and we really appreciate you. And this weekend special is,  TWO COPS, A GIRL AND A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS to 2 luck winners. The ebooks can be retrieve via Amazon Kindle or B&N Nooks. Reader’s choice!!!


Contest Requirements:

1) Have you ever fantasized about any of your book heroes?
2) Please comment below with your answer.
4) You MUST be a follower to qualify for all contests.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

~~Midnight's Lover-by Donna Grant~~

~In book 2 Midnight's Lover, of Donna's Dark Warrior series, we get to know the Warrior Ian Kerr, and Danielle Buchanan, the woman who will inspire him to gain control of his God.

After the death of his twin, Ian forces himself into isolation fearing that the god that is unbound within him (Farmire, the God of Battle) will overtake his control and wreak havoc and destruction the innocent and everyone he loves. Danielle is a druid and her magic forces her to take found objects back to their owner. When she falls upon a key demanding to be taken to Castle MacLeod, she finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for.

When Ian stumbles upon Danielle in the mountains where he as taken refuge, she is in dire straights. She is lost, alone, she is attacked by vicious creatures. In saving Danielle and delivering her to Castle MacLeod, Ian finds himself in a strange future and has gained some semblance of control of his God, but he still fears for the safety of everyone around him. With danger threatening those he holds most dear, Ian must find the strength to maintain absolute control of Farmire.....But will he find that control to late?

~~Midnight's Lover is a good page turner for sure! I liked both of the main characters, and their attitude toward each other. Donna kept me entertained with their Scottish brogues ~~all those no' and doona's just do it for me *winks*, and there is a highly erotic scene between Ian and Danielle that takes place in the dungeon that I will remember quite warmly ( : Thanks Donna for the enjoyable read!~~

Midnight's Lover will hit your local bookshelves on June 26, 2012
Let the countdown begin!!

You can read an excerpt from Midnight's Lover by clicking the following link:

You can also visit Donna Grant's Website at:

Lover Unexpected by Brindle Chase

Wowza! What can I say; I love a little tease in my books. And speaking of tease, Lover Unexpected definitely has that effect on me. It had me laughing, and cursing in my head at the same time. Why you ask? Because Lisa and her mystery man, Dan was having a lot of fun out on the balcony at a masquerade ball, their little tryst in the dark tickled my pickle and all that time, I was hoping someone would come out and bust them *laughs*   

Lisa, the introvert little house mouse, got manipulated by one of her girl friend into attending a social function, mask, gowns, the works. And the only reason Lisa was going was because of her blind date. The mysterious man that she was supposed to meet and maybe a little hanky panky afterward.

Dan, the guy next door who has been ogling at Lisa for the longest time. But of course, considering his position at their company, he knows she wouldn’t be looking at him or considering him as her first choice. But being at the ball gave him the perfect opportunity to get closer to the source of desire. 

Lust, passion, needs, it rules over all logical senses. Lisa let herself be swept away by this stranger, the one who made her burn to the core of her being. Until logic came back and she found out who it was. But knowing what they can have together, it’s now up to Dan to convince Lisa that there is something between them. Something more than just a moment of lust and instant gratification.

What did I tell you? Tease, tease, and tease. But I love it. As a fan of author Brindle Chase, I’ve read a lot of his books and I can tell that he has a lot of potential. Lover Unexpected is just another great book in his collection and a must have in every Kindle and Nook. Brindle knows his way around a woman’s heart, teases her, and makes her feel desirable. The man is incorrigible and he applies that toward his books, which is very refreshing, innovative, and I would definitely recommend him to all my fellow readers. It’s not every day you find a male romance author like Brindle who sweep you off your feet with mere words and a few whispers of decadent temptation.


***Contest 05/16-05/17***

Well, the fun train is still underway. As we continue Ellora’s Cave week, today’s treat is a LIVE CHAT with power-house author Desiree Holt. And let me tell you, this gal can write books that would make even your mother blushed. Think of the words “decadent”, “delicious”, “steamy”, and “witty”, she got it all. Ever since BBL started, Desiree has always been there to support us, and now, it is our pleasure to introduce her to you guys.

The LIVE CHAT will take place on our Facebook page ( at 7:00pm CST. Please make your way over there for the chance to meet this wonderful woman, friend, and author. Ask her any questions you want, make her blush if you dare, get creative if you rather. Alos, Desiree is our sponsor for today’s giveaway, two (2) lucky winners will receive an ebook copy of her books. Winner’s choice on either Amazon or B&N. Please go to her website to review the title of your choice.

Contest Requirements:

1) If you can spend one night with your favorite book hero(s), how do you go about it?
2) Please comment below with your answer.
4) You MUST be a follower to enter contest.
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Monday, May 14, 2012


Good morning everyone! As you all know, we’ve been having a lot of fund introducing a variety  of authors to you, along with prizes for our contests. Well, this week is no different. However, there will be a slight addition being added to the mix. This whole week, we are focusing on the theme of Erotic Romance. As you all know, Ellora’s Cave is one of the top and first publishing company to publish erotic romance in this industry. Some of our steamiest, erotic novels and authors that we adore are writing with EC. For instant, Lora Leigh, Joey W Hill, Mari Carr, Lexxie Couper, Bianca D’arc, Angela Knight, and many more.

With that being said, it is our pleasure to present to you, three of EC most dedicated authors and loyal supporters of BBL, authors Brindle Chase, Desiree Holt, and Paige Tyler. We will feature each author with Interview and Live Chats so that our readers can get into their heads. Wouldn’t you want to know what make them blush? Where they get the ideas for all the HOT intimate scenes? And if they practice what they preach? *laughs*

So, without further adieu, let’s bring out our first guest this week, author Brindle Chase. Upon seeing the name, some of you might wonder if this is a male or female author. Well ladies, look no further, Mr. Romance is here. As a male author, Brindle is very dedicated to his writing and would love to be on the USA or NYT Bestselling list among other amazing authors. He is a hopeless romantic, knows his way around a woman’s heart, very passionate, funny, notoriously flirtatious (com’on, he’s a guy who writes hot romance, what do you expect?), and his books are erotically hot (we’ve blushed on many occasions).

Ladies, fasten your seatbelt as this will be a wild ride *grinning at everyone*

BBL: Well, good morning handsome. Thanks for coming by today

BC: *Waving to the readers and flashing a big grin* Hi guys, thanks for inviting me.

BBL: *Whispering to the crowd* This man is the image of Fabio except, he looks much better and have better hair.

So Brindle, I know you recently have a new release at EC, can you tell us a little about it?

BC: Sure. It’s called Lover Unexpected. It’s available on both Amazon and B&N, and obviously also at Ellora’s Cave. It’s a contemporary erotic romance. It’s also about 2 people meeting each other under pretense at a masquerade ball, and of course, the case of mistaken identity will also play a big part in that.

BBL: When did you start writing and what was the first thing you wrote?

BC: I started 5 years ago. My 1st book I shelved. It’s a paranormal suspense. I was too fresh to writing and needed to learn much more before I return to attempt to get it published. I love the story though and I will rewrite it someday

BBL: Where do you get your ideas on what you write?

BC: I have a little hussy for a muse and she feeds me all these ideas. She pipes them directly into my brain and she is relentless. I have more plots for books than I could possibly ever write! And she is all over the board. She has sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, historical, regency and even YA plots all ready for me. She loves all kinds of books. I often think of my muse as Tinkerbell… she is feisty and very demanding.

BBL: How does it feel to be a male romance author and do you feel competitive toward the female authors?

BC: Lonely! *lol* I can’t tell you how many times I get told “Men can’t write romance”. But it’s almost always after they find out I’m male. Once I was in a reader’s forum and as an author, I lurked. Most reader groups online don’t want to hear from authors. Anyway, they were discussing one of my books, and all of them were raving how much they liked it. The forum leader invited me to come peek in, so I did and felt moved to thank them for all the kind words about my book. One of the readers checked my profile, noticed I was male and then flipped out, went to the book and gave it a one star and left some comment about how it was obviously written by a man and how horribly male centric it was. Despite that she had made several glowing comments about the prose, the romance and the characters, even mentioning how the author truly understood the female POV, all mentioned prior to discovering my gender. Hehehe… It was also a lesson in WHY authors should avoid book and reader forums. You can’t win. I was smart enough to leave my thanks as is and vacate the impending argument it had provoked in that reader.

As for feeling competitive with my female peers? Not at all. I don’t see it as a competition. Most of them are very accepting of me. I just love writing and I’m thrilled to be able to

BBL: Have you ever been so engrossed in writing a book that you have gone out in public wearing your PJs?

BC: *lol* No. But it would be possible. I read on the bus on my way to work, so I’m already up, awake and dressed. The last book that totally sucked me in, enough that I might forget to get dressed, was The Hunger Games. Really, really loved that book!

BBL: Can you tell us about any challenges you met getting your first book published?

BC: It’s much harder than most think. Everyone’s says “I should write a book” and many do and then wonder why they can’t get a publisher to run with it. I was like that. My first book, I sent out to agents everywhere. I received 60 rejections. Now, instead of selecting one of the two most common responses from would be authors (1. I can’t believe they don’t see the brilliance of my writing. Clearly these industry experts know nothing about good writing… or 2. Ohmigod, I suck. I should just give up any notion of becoming a writer.)… I chose to learn more about the craft. Clearly, I was doing something wrong and yet, I knew I had a good story. So I sought out author/writing forums on the web and learned. And learned and learned and learned. My next book, Lilith: Gothic City Lights, took a year to write 13 different versions until I had the one that sold. Even now, I read back on it and can see how much I’ve improved since then. The worst mistake an author can make is to not take rejection as a clue to where your writing needs improvement. Someone famous, and I can’t remember who, said the difference between a published author and an unpublished author, was perseverance.

BBL: What has been the toughest criticism/best compliment given to you as an author?

BC: I still struggle with romance, but it’s my erotica that seems to draw the most criticisms and mostly that its written by a man. I can live with that. When I write erotica, I don’t focus on female readers like I do with erotic romance. I try to write stories that my muse will approve of and that both male and female readers will enjoy. There are sexists on both sides of the coin, who get upset when someone writes for one or the other. I write for fun. The best compliments I get are along the lines that they can’t believe I write the female POV so genuinely. For a male author of romance, there is no higher compliment. When I get comments like that, it makes my week!

BBL: We all know that erotic romance is on the rise due to the explicit content, do you have any personal quirks that help you write the intimate scenes?

BC: My muse is a pervy little vixen and she plants a visual in my head. I have to sort of screenplay it in my head before I can write it. I think any writer who has written a sex scene can tell you it’s far too easy to get your body parts tangled and mixed up if you aren’t careful. Now that sounds like fun, but it’s a headache for the author. Visualizing it, helps to make sure your characters aren’t frightfully flexible or have grown additional limbs! Visualizing also helps maintain intensity and intimacy.

BBL: As an erotica author, what is your least/most favorite moments in the books?

BC: Erotica is a bit different from erotic romance, particularly that there is no romance to the plot. There are other genre specifics that separate the two, but that is the big one. I think it’s that element I like least in erotica. The emotional connection is often lacking or non-existent between the main characters. Love is such a powerful emotion, that romance takes erotica to a whole new plateau, in my opinion. Now, there’s nothing wrong with erotica. I love it, read it, and write it.  My most favorite part of an erotica is that initial contact. Whatever has lead to their sexual arousal, it’s that first touch, first kiss, the moment of truth and then… fireworks!

BBL: Have you ever written a book that even you’d blushed a little bit?

BC: I think they all make me blush a little. I think my erotica short story, Sometimes You Just Want to F*ck made me blush a little more than others. It’s pretty risqué

BBL: What’s your favorite positions?

BC: I have to pick just one? Sheesh… hmmmm, I suppose if I had to pick one, I’d say spooning. It allows for a lot of touching and caressing, while still maintaining deep penetration. Damn

BBL: *laughs* Okay sweetcheeks, go for it. Give us another one to satisfy our curiosity.

BC: Ok, you know I write erottic romance, so you asked at your own risk, my dear! *grinning toward all the ladies* It would be missionary. I like to be able to watch her face through her climaxes. I like the feel of her legs wrapped around me, clinging, pulling me in deeper, harder. And lastly, when she’s on top of me. This one lets her have control. She can go crazy on me and it's all good for me. *laughs shyly*

BBL: Strawberries or ice?

BC: Yes! If we’re gonna have fun, then both please! *blushed blissfully*

BBL: Body shots or straight from the glass?

BC: Definitely prefer from her body. I’m not big on straight shots, but a body shot makes it fun! I skip the salt though and just lick :D

BBL: *Laughs* You definitely live up to your reputation, such a wicked man. But that’s all the time we have today guys, and as you can see, we had lots of fun interviewing Mr. Romance himself. But before we go, Brindle, are there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

BC: Buy my books! *lol* Kidding, seriously though, thank you all. When I get my royalty reports, I don’t stress on how small they are… no, I’m humbled anyone would want to read my books. I love to write. There is little else I’d rather do in life and I am honored that not only can I find time to write, but that it’s at least half decent enough to get published and that readers enjoy it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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