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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~~Awaken the Demon-By Sheila Stewart~~

After having suffered horrific abuse by her sadistic fiance Ronald, Missy finally finds the strength to leave when he takes his abuse further than ever and nearly kills her. While running from Ronald, Missy stumble upon her future when a member of the Starr Gazer group mistakes her for one of their own and drags her on to the bus bound for the home of the head of Starr Gazer Foundation, Draco Starr.

Draco Starr has been searching fruitlessly for years to find the rumored halfling with the hope of finally finding his mate. Little does he know that the uninvited guest who shows up with the latest group of star gazers is just who he has been searching for. When Missy's demon is accidentally awakend she is horrified, and as she struggles to come to terms with what she has become she develops an affection for the enigmatic founder. Will Draco be able to cut through her defenses and help Missy thrive in her new life?

Awaken the Demon is a nice short read. Draco is my favorite character in the book; he has all the charm, style, and attitude you would expect from a centuries old Demon. The dynamic between Draco and Missy is amusing and was fun. I also unexpectedly found myself charmed by a few of Draco's employees, Troy and Hunter, as they were both able to give me several laughs.

"I wanted to ask you a few questions."
She turned her head to face him and the room began to swim before her. "Questions, always questions with you. Let me ask you one for a change. Why are you looking for a mate?"
"To share my life with, of course."
"Why me?" Her vision was beginning to blur. Was this what being drunk was like? She’d never been before.
He blinked several times before responding. "You’re the only one of your kind."
"And that’s it? You want me because I’m rare?"
"I did. Before I knew you. Where is this going, Missy?"
"I’m just curious if love played any part in this search for a mate. See, when I accepted Ronald’s proposal, I believed I was in love. I figured we would have a long, happy life together, have a few children, grow old and die together." She looked over at Draco. "Well, that didn’t exactly work out, so I was just curious what your idea of happily-ever-after is?"
"I’ve never really given it any thought."
"Well, I would think that would be something to think about when choosing a mate. However, I really don’t know what you feel, being a direct descendent of Satan and all. Can you feel?" she slurred.
"How did you find that out?"
"I have my ways," she responded slyly. "Can you?"
"I didn’t come here to be grilled by you."
"I wasn’t grilling you. I was just asking questions. What’s the matter, Draco? You don’t like being questioned?"
He got to his feet. "I think I’ll come back when you’re in a better mood."
"Oh, don't go. I’m in a perfectly fine mood now, Draco." She swaggered toward him.
"You’re drunk."
"Yep, yep I am. Why is it I get the strangest urge to rip those clothes from your body and see what's hidden beneath all that black?" She ran a finger along his lapel. "Yet, at the same time, I want to vomit at your feet."
"What sort of response were you expecting from that question? Or was it a rhetorical one?"
"Yeah, the last one," she slurred.
"This is all new to you. It will take time for you to adjust."
"Oh, I’ve grasped it all. I’m now a demon who craves flesh and blood and my future is filled with uncertainty, but one thing remains." The tears came up and flooded her eyes despite her fight to withhold them. "I can never go home again."
"No." She waved him off. "Leave me be. I need some time alone."
"You keep pushing me away, yet it’s me you need."
"I don’t need you." She stepped away and was shocked when he yanked her back toward him. Before she knew it, his mouth was covering hers. She felt the heat scorch her from the middle of her belly and down. Something inside of her beckoned her to surrender.
"I have never wanted a woman’s lips before." He ran his thumb over her lips. "Yours tempt me beyond reason." With that said, he vanished.
She slumped to the floor, her eyes flooded with tears.
Now why did he have to do that.
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