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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Midnight's Master by Donna Grant


    Being the first book I’ve read by Donna Grant, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Midnight‘s Master. Now I’m glad I gave it a try. The first book of her new Dark Warriors series is well worth a look. A spin off of her Dark Swords series, Midnight’s Master, which will be released on May 22, 2012,  is a promising first book and I’m excited to get started on the next.

    When Logan is magically thrown hundreds of years in the future all he knows is that he needs to find his fellow warriors and that he feels a pressing need to travel to the isle of Eigg. On his way he discovers that he is now a part of the year 2012 and that there are some amazing things in this time, the most amazing of which is the beautiful woman he meets in Mallaig. He can feel power within her and it makes him curious to know more about her. She too needs to get to Eigg and Logan couldn’t be happier that their paths seem to be traveling in the same direction.
    Gwynn can’t believe she’s actually come all the way to Scotland to find her father. The flights from Texas seemed to take forever and now she was freezing because, unlike Texas, Scotland actually has a real winter. From what she could discover between the University at which her father works and his last message to her from Edinburgh, her father was last seen in this little fishing village of Mallaig. From here he was seen taking a ferry to Eigg so that’s where Gwynn was headed next. She was sure her father was fine but since it had been three weeks since his message she was worried and had to find him. It seemed that she would have company on her trip over to Eigg too. An amazingly handsome man had offered to accompany her and, even though she felt like she was too attracted to him for her own good, she agreed.
    Gwynn and Logan soon realize that there is more to the other then meets the eye and with this discovery comes an opportunity to help each other. Logan agrees to help Gwynn find her father and Gwynn agrees to help Logan find an artifact that seems to be the reason her father came to Scotland in the first place and may also help Logan to stop the evil he’s been fighting for so long.
    As they learn more about each other and themselves, Logan and Gwynn realize that their lives may be more intertwined then either of them are comfortable with. During their search, Logan finds old friends who can help, Gwynn finds a truth about herself and another about her father, and both  might have found something in each other that neither really wanted but both were aching for deep within.

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