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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

~~Midnight's Lover-by Donna Grant~~

~In book 2 Midnight's Lover, of Donna's Dark Warrior series, we get to know the Warrior Ian Kerr, and Danielle Buchanan, the woman who will inspire him to gain control of his God.

After the death of his twin, Ian forces himself into isolation fearing that the god that is unbound within him (Farmire, the God of Battle) will overtake his control and wreak havoc and destruction the innocent and everyone he loves. Danielle is a druid and her magic forces her to take found objects back to their owner. When she falls upon a key demanding to be taken to Castle MacLeod, she finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for.

When Ian stumbles upon Danielle in the mountains where he as taken refuge, she is in dire straights. She is lost, alone, she is attacked by vicious creatures. In saving Danielle and delivering her to Castle MacLeod, Ian finds himself in a strange future and has gained some semblance of control of his God, but he still fears for the safety of everyone around him. With danger threatening those he holds most dear, Ian must find the strength to maintain absolute control of Farmire.....But will he find that control to late?

~~Midnight's Lover is a good page turner for sure! I liked both of the main characters, and their attitude toward each other. Donna kept me entertained with their Scottish brogues ~~all those no' and doona's just do it for me *winks*, and there is a highly erotic scene between Ian and Danielle that takes place in the dungeon that I will remember quite warmly ( : Thanks Donna for the enjoyable read!~~

Midnight's Lover will hit your local bookshelves on June 26, 2012
Let the countdown begin!!

You can read an excerpt from Midnight's Lover by clicking the following link:

You can also visit Donna Grant's Website at:

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