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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


*** Contest 05/22 thru 05/23 ***

Hello lovelies, I hope you guys had a great weekend, those of you who BBQ, shame on your for not inviting us. *laughs* Well, it's the 3rd week of May and our Anniversary Celebration is still going strong. Thanks to all of you, of course. Well, next up for today we have the amazing, talented, kind-hearted, and amazing Jaime Rush!!! She is the author of the Offspring series and also USA Bestselling author. Her next book out is Darkness Becomes Her will hit bookstands on 05/29.

Live Chat begins at 6/7pm CST on our Facebook page:

Here's a snippet of of this awesome book. And don't you just love the cover? *sighs*

She hid her smile as she took another sip. "But now you want to impress me."
"Why would I need to do anything more? I swept you off your feet at our first meeting."
"As I recall, I swept you off your feet."
He nodded. "Knocked me on my arse, you did."

She hated that he had injuries because of her. She'd dragged two men into her danger. But Lachlan was dangerous, too. And not only because he'd tangled in her heart like a vine with his loneliness and honor.

"Stop talking about your sex. I mean, about sex. You know, if you and Magnus marry, you'll be my sister. So when I watch you walking down the aisle, I don’t want to be thinking about you diddling yourself with a vibrator."

"You do see the profundity of that, don't you? That you take something broken and make it whole? That you're drawn to that, feeling so broken yourself."

She pointed at his chest, her finger poking hard muscle. "Do not flirt with me, Lachlan McLeod. It's wrong and unfair and … frustrating."
"Was that flirting?"
On anyone else, she’d suspect that guileless expression was an act. "Yes. You do this thing with your eyebrow, asking if we're talking about food, and it makes me all crazy inside because you can't go there and I can't go there. So stop."
"I was flirting, eh? Mm, interesting. It just sort of came out, the spicy thing, and I didn't know I was doing a thing with my eyebrow.” He released a huff of breath. “It’s so damned easy with you, Jess. I was being honest when I said I'd shut that part of myself off and you turned it back on again. Just goes to show you what a sod I am, flirting with you and not even realizing it."

"You do as I say. Your hands, my command. I keep my honor, and you … well, you get off."

She was still standing there, looking delicious and flushed and a bit piqued. "You got off?"
Well, he could hardly hide it. "I didn't mean to. A man can only take so much."
What happened to the nice, simple kiss?"
She jammed the shirt down over her head, catching her nose for a second. Her hair was adorably messed when she yanked her head free. "Still, a kiss is just a kiss. It shouldn't do … that to you." She gestured to the region of his pelvis.
"It wasn’t just the kiss. That revved me, sure, and then you did a … wiggle thing."
"I didn't wiggle."
"Aye, you did. Like this." He imitated it as best as he could. "Then you did a grind." Just the word conjured it up again. "And that did it."

His mouth quirked. "You're giving me the same look you had when you sent me that lovely gesture with your finger."
"That's ‘cause I'm too tired to make the gesture. But don't doubt for a second that I'm sending it."

He wouldn't judge her. He'd done worse things, in his opinion. Like him, she judged herself more harshly than anyone ever would.

** Two (2) winners will be chosen for this contest, the winners will each receive Darkness Becomes Her in paperback. Reminder, the book comes out on 05/29 so you'll receive the book roughly 2 weeks after that. **

Contest Requirements:
1) Who is your favorite Uran/Fantasy author?
2) Please comment below with your answer.
       4) You MUST be a follower to qualify for all contests.
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  1. I honestly can't say I have a favorite. So far every author I've read in any genre has never disappointed me. :) guess I'm easy lol. Thank you for chatting today Jaime! <3

  2. I'll just say Ilona Andrews just because I've been rooting for Kate and Curran in Alpha Showdown. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kliu107 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. My favorites are Keri Arthur and Nalini Singh.
    GFC CrystalGB

  4. Of the ones I've read, I've been enjoying Nalini Singh and Ann Aguirre, but I know there are lots out there I haven't had the chance to try yet--thanks for the intro to Jaime!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  5. Urban Fantasy rather then Paranormal Romance.... hmmm... I'd say Adrian Phoenix and her Marker's Song series.

    I dont know if I've read any of Jamie Rush's books; but I'm always looking for new favorite authors. ^.^

  6. I'm a fan of mostly paranormal romance... However, I also would like to read some Jamie Rush!!! Yeah!!!
    Thanks, Emily Guido

  7. My favourite authors are Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh! I'd looove to read Jaime's book!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kanya ;)

  8. I have multiple favorite nnsy authors, Laurell K Hamilton, Keri Arthur, and even some of the Nora Roberts fantasy fairie books. I can't wait to read something by Jamie,she sounded so interesting as a person and an author at the chat and what great advice she gave too!!

  9. BTW forgot to add my email it is: