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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lover Unexpected by Brindle Chase

Wowza! What can I say; I love a little tease in my books. And speaking of tease, Lover Unexpected definitely has that effect on me. It had me laughing, and cursing in my head at the same time. Why you ask? Because Lisa and her mystery man, Dan was having a lot of fun out on the balcony at a masquerade ball, their little tryst in the dark tickled my pickle and all that time, I was hoping someone would come out and bust them *laughs*   

Lisa, the introvert little house mouse, got manipulated by one of her girl friend into attending a social function, mask, gowns, the works. And the only reason Lisa was going was because of her blind date. The mysterious man that she was supposed to meet and maybe a little hanky panky afterward.

Dan, the guy next door who has been ogling at Lisa for the longest time. But of course, considering his position at their company, he knows she wouldn’t be looking at him or considering him as her first choice. But being at the ball gave him the perfect opportunity to get closer to the source of desire. 

Lust, passion, needs, it rules over all logical senses. Lisa let herself be swept away by this stranger, the one who made her burn to the core of her being. Until logic came back and she found out who it was. But knowing what they can have together, it’s now up to Dan to convince Lisa that there is something between them. Something more than just a moment of lust and instant gratification.

What did I tell you? Tease, tease, and tease. But I love it. As a fan of author Brindle Chase, I’ve read a lot of his books and I can tell that he has a lot of potential. Lover Unexpected is just another great book in his collection and a must have in every Kindle and Nook. Brindle knows his way around a woman’s heart, teases her, and makes her feel desirable. The man is incorrigible and he applies that toward his books, which is very refreshing, innovative, and I would definitely recommend him to all my fellow readers. It’s not every day you find a male romance author like Brindle who sweep you off your feet with mere words and a few whispers of decadent temptation.

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