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Thursday, December 31, 2015

4/5 Reviews: Rock My World: Anthology by Gracie Wilson, Ursula Sinclair, Shyla Colt, Leanore Elliott, Yvonne Nicolas, Charisma Knight, L.M. Pruitt, Angela Kay Austin, Izzibella Beau

9 stories.
Over 1000 pages long.
That will rock your world!
For limited time only 0.99 cents.

Title: Beautifully Destroyed- Beautifully Series
Author: Gracie Wilson
Tagline: Even something once destroyed can be beautiful again.

Title: The Prison Guard's Son- Young Guns Book 1
Author: Ursula Sinclair
Tagline: I can only be who I am.

Title: When Karma comes to call
Author: Shyla Colt
Tagline: What you give out is what you get back.

Title: Urban Legends
Author: Leanore Elliott
Tagline: Let it burn until the fire is out.

Title: Scorpion Tail (Part 1)
Author: Yvonne Nicolas
Tagline: Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll... and MURDER

Title: Damaged
Author: Charisma Knight
Tagline: Demons, dragons and dreams.

Title: Opening Interlude (Interlude Series) 

Author: L.M. Pruitt
Tagline: What do you do when love isn't enough?

Title: Melodee
Author: Angela Kay Austin
Tagline: A Song for Nora

Title:The Reason Why. Breathless Series.
Author: Izzibella Beau
Tagline: Everybody has one...a reason why.

This is an anthology of nine Rock  romances.  All and all a wonderful compulation of modern authors giving you a taste of what they write and wetting your appetite for more.  They are all in all wonderfully written and a few are down right stunning.  I adored most of them.

Beautifully Destroyed  by Gracie Wilson - Is the touching story of Fate, she is trying to move on from her tragic childhood and is starting college far away from home.  She slowly lets her story out - it's heart breaking and you wonder at times if she can ever come back from the abuse she suffered as a child. She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep and she doesn't like to be touched or to listen to music.   Cameron is a rock god, trying to sort his life out and ends up as Fate's roommate (unexpected male roomate).  Can Cam help Fate, turn herself around and not only learn to love herself but to love him.  In turn can Fate teach Cam that he is a good person and can they find their way together?  It's a beautifully told story, even with the touchy subjects involved.  It  will make you tear up now and again.

The Prison Guard's Son- Young Guns Book 1 by Ursula Sinclair - This one brings us the story of Pike, his Mother was in prison, his father a disgraced prison guard but he did his best to raise him alone after his mother died in prison.  Pike has moved on as much as he could and has made himself a wonderful life as a rock singer.  Eryn is a young lawyer that is in a practice with her cousins, they have a lucrative business with atheletes and she is trying to move some business into the entertainment industry.  First, up is Pike, signing him will bring alot of business into the firm.  However, early one morning she witnesses a woman being accosted in the street and attempts to help her.  When push comes to shove they men after this women take off.  Turns out Pike has shown up and helps her out.  When someone blows up her office and kills Eryn's administrative assistant, Pike takes matters into his own hands and works to protect her.  Turns out they have more in common then they ever knew.  

Urban Legends by Leanora Elliot - In high school Swade fell in love, she thought her life was perfect and suddenly - Vale  was gone said he wouldn't leave her but he did.  In a few brief months her life changed and she changed she became hard on the inside and changed her outside to match.  The band she and her brother were in started to take off.  The Urban Legends were going to become rock stars!  Vale has his own band now called Silken they are already established and rocking the world.  Just when Swade thinks her world couldn't get any better, they have a contract to tour and the elevator door opens and bam - Vale and Silken are the band they are opening for.  Tune in to find out why Vale left and see if he can win Swade's heart and body again.  

Scorpion Tail (Part 1) by Yvonne Nicolas -  Scorpian Tail is the story of Chase, Becca, Slice and MonaLisa, four people who come together to form a band - they are wild, rebellious and sing dark songs - their music brings them into the spotlight quickly.  When a murder is committed during one of their concerts, a young detective Toshiro Matsuda is determined to link the band to the murder.  MonaLisa attempts to distract Toshiro from finding out the bands sordid pasts, but finds it harder an harder to not be attracted to him and keep her secrets.  Toshiro is intrigued but will not be distracted from his mission - will they find love or will MonaLisa become the next victim?

When Karma Comes to Call by Shyla Colt - Rock Singer Karma Good is on the comeback trail after spending a long time in rehab attempting to overcome her addiction to Cocaine.  Things turn ugly and she is running for her life.  She runs into Arsen Smarts, a Slayer for a motor cycle club, he takes her under his protection and brings her to his boss to see if they can help her move forward with her career and make them a little money.   Add, in the lovely Chase and the sparks are flying between the 3.  Can Karma give herself to Arsen, and become a part of his biker lifestyle?  Can Arsen protect her from the people that are after her.  And how will the attraction that Chase and Karma have fit into the mix.  There is a few twists in this one that I didn't see coming and it's one hot ride!

Melodee by Angela Kay Austin - Melodee is a singer songwriter and she is missing the one thing in her life that she regrets - Riley.  Riley is the son of her friend Lucille and she knows they are meant for each other but they both have made mistakes with each other and have to find a way back to one another.

Opening Interlude by L. M. Pruitt - Bethany and Miles are off on the dream - Bethany's parents have paved the way for her in New York City - Miles folks can't give him the time of day.  They are trying to make it in the city that never sleeps, auditions that suck and people that aren't real.  Will they make it or fall apart and go back to their midwestern roots

The Reason Why. Breathless Series. by Izzibella Beau - This is the story of Alabama - a girl that has nothing left - her no good Mama is in jail again and she has no where to go until a friend of her mother's offers to take her in.  She goes off to another small town in hopes to make things better for herself.  Here she meets the friends two sons, Joshua and Hunter - they are rebellious young men, but good at heart.  Josh is a college student playing Lacrosse and Hunter has a band.  Who will win her heart?  

Damaged by Charisma Knight -  Robert is in a band called Meticulous Thunder, after years of playing two bit clubs they have signed a recording deal and are touring.  While his band is happy about this he isn't he wants to get back to his fiance Jade and settle down.   But, he has a secret habit that will ruin everything.  He gives his mother a note for Jade and leaves town to get help.  In the note he tells her he loves her but he is letting her go.  Can Robert get his life in order and will Jade still be there if he does?

If you like rock romance this is a great way to dip your toes in and get to know some of the best authors in the Rock genre this is definitly worth the time.  I have found a few new authors to read.  I do have to add that I recommend this one for the 18+ crowd - It is after all sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

4/5 Review: The Exhibitionist by Tara Sue Me

She’s ready for even more.…
When Abby West discovered her submissive desires, she felt like she was born anew. But lately, her Dominant husband hasn’t been the demanding Master who once fulfilled her every passion. Abby begins to crave something else—and to wonder if Nathaniel can still push her past her boundaries to the places she craves.

Nathaniel knows that Abby belongs to him completely, but even he can’t ignore the pleasure on her face as they get to know their new BDSM group. They’ve invited Nathaniel to guide their group to a new level, and he’s promised to show them the way, even as he recommits to fulfilling his beautiful submissive wife’s every desire. Only this time, uncovering her sexual limits may also expose their relationship to more conflict than it can withstand.…

Let me start by saying that communication is everything!
Nathaniel and Abby are both Dom and Sub as well as Husband and Wife.  They are completely in love.  Their lack of communication is what brings upon the issues they face in this story.  Abby finds herself wanting others to watch her.  It excites her and arouses Nathaniel.  She is extremely jealous, however, of her one of Nathaniel's employees. She doesn't trust her and that starts arguments between the two.  Nathaniel feels that with Abby's growing obsession with exhibition, he may not be able to give her what she needs.  All of these issues could have been avoided if they had spoken of their feelings instead of trying to please one another.  Compromise is a huge deal.  It is necessary for a marriage to work especially one involving BDSM.
I truly enjoyed reading this story and know that I need to go back and read their initial story.  I recommend this to all.  It has steamy scenes, touchy scenes, it practically has it all.


5/5 Review: Edge of Danger by Katie Reus

When an assassin tries to kill undercover DEA agent Tucker Pankov the same week his boss is taken out, Tucker has good reason to be paranoid. And when other members of his elite team are not only targeted, but stripped of top-secret security clearance, Tucker has one shot at discovering who wants them dead—and why. So he kidnaps the only woman he thinks can save them.

Brilliant NSA analyst Karen Stafford doesn’t like being forced into anything, especially by someone she doesn’t trust. Yet after a hijacked US-owned drone starts attacking government installations resulting in mass casualties, Karen has to take Tucker’s side.  Now, two unlikely allies must unite to prevent an escalating and unthinkable terrorist conspiracy. But as Tucker and Karen grow intimate, they realize the conspiracy runs deep, and their enemies are closer than anyone realized.

There was so much that happened in such a short amount of time that I didn't realize the initial time frame of when the Tyler's boss was murdered and when they captured the culprits behind the terrorist attacks was short.  It all happened within a few days.  During that time you lived a whole relationship between Tyler and Karen.  It amazes me how such a talented author can bring to life the world they create in their minds. 
After disposing of the assassins sent after them, Tyler and 3 other DEA agents were framed for the death of their boss as well as some terrorist attacks that were hitting major places.  Kidnapping Karen Stafford was never part of the plan but after not getting a response from the one man they knew could help they had no other choice but to try and get help from her to get a message to Wesley. 
Tucker wasn't looking for love and neither was Karen.  That didn't stop them from falling in love.  Karen, after hearing finding out that Tucker and his friends were being framed, decided to help clear their names and capture those who were responsible.  Saving each others lives was a top priority for them.
This was an incredibly written story filled with thrills, love, intrigue and so much more.  This is a definite must read.

4/5 Review: Born of Betrayal by Sherrilyn Kenyon


Years ago, family loyalty caused Fain Hauk to give up everything he loved: His military career. His planet. His fiancée. Even his name.
Now decades later, everything has changed. He's built a new life out of the ashes of his old, and he's vowed to never let anything threaten his loved ones again.
But when old enemies align themselves with new ones, he's caught in the middle of a brutal war. And when fate throws his former fiancée back into his world and she has her own agenda that includes taking his head for what he did to her years ago, more than just his life is at stake. The fate of the Ichidian universe and that of his brothers-in-arms hangs in the balance. Winner take all.
It's kill or be killed, and never has the battle been more fierce...

Born of Betrayal is the 9th instalment in the League series by the talented Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have been a long time fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon's work and she was also one of the very first authors I read in this genre that has taken me to so many wild and imaginative places and I feel I owe her so much for that.
Ms Kenyon has wrote many series and although I have loved each of them the League series has always been by far my very favourite, there was just something about this series that I could never wait to devour each book that came out.  Born of Betrayal was such a busy book with so many story lines going on that I would have to say that this book is one you need to read the previous books before tackling.  
This book is supposed to centre on Fain and his lost love Gaylene and her son, Talyn.  The story follows on from previous books that explained Talyn's life.  If you were a long term fan it was easy to see who Talyn's father was going to be and I loved the storyline these three shared.   It was believable in every aspect of how they felt when they were reunited and each step from that moment on.
There were also many other story lines in this book that all interconnected and we were able to discover different sides to certain characters.  We had to chance to hear about many of our old favourites from previous books and catch up to what has been happening so in ways it was like a family reunion without the boring bits as they were very much part of the centre of the story.  Towards the end of the book we get a glimpse of our next story leads too; not a very big but just that small couple of sentences that show exactly who will be involved.

The ending wasnt as drawn out as I have grown to expect, but I guess that just gives us more to wait for on the next book.  Grab this book today, but in my opinion read the rest in the series first.  This book has all the action and sexiness of all the league books but is definetly not a stand alone book.


4/5 Review: Cursed by Ice: The Immortal Brothers by Jacquelyn Frank

As punishment for plotting with his brothers to steal immortality, Garreth is suffering a freezing torment until the end of time. Again and again, his fierce fighter’s physique is frozen into a chiseled ice sculpture, his heart hardening like a diamond in his chest—only to thaw and resume the chilling torture. Until, like his older brother Dethan, he is offered a reprieve from a goddess—in exchange for his allegiance in a celestial civil war.

Garreth lives to fight and fights to live. But while laying siege to an embattled city, he finds another reason to go on—a beautiful warrior woman named Sarielle, who commands a mythic beast through a mysterious and powerful bond. Terrified of her strength, the city rulers have kept her captive, and now she refuses to submit to a new master. As Garreth seeks to unleash her passion and melt the icy resistance of her heart, will he become her ultimate salvation—or lead them both to greater destruction?

My Thoughts/Review: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! This story had me on the edge of my bed all weekend. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. It starts with a slow build up which I totally loved. It took me on a ride that started with sadness to tears to wonderment to outright anger. The emotional roller coaster was the best thing about this story because you were rooting for Garreth and Sarielle and then you were like what the heck?

 This story held me captivated because Jacquelyn Frank does such an awesome job of weaving something new into her story. Yes it is about immortal warriors, but HOT DAMN what Warriors they are. He is a cursed man, who has fallen in love, but knows that he will not claim Sarielle when he is tied to the gods for all time. The sex scenes are intimate and revealing oh so Sexy.

To say I was thoroughly surprised at this book is an understatement. Not really in the reading mood, I started the book only to become immersed in the story. Frank's imagination has created an amazing world. Her characters are amazing and fun and yummy. ooooh so yummy! Even with his hot and cold emotions, you will just adore Garreth. Frank keeps you guessing what will transpire between Garreth and Sarielle the entire time. The ending was well done leading into the next book of the series.

Cursed by Ice is one of those books that won't let go once you're done with it. I just finished the book and already I want to read it again. So full of mystery, romance and witty  references you are sure to love every word Ms.Frank has written.

5/5 Review: Night Blaze by Donna Grant

That one simple kiss slayed him as nothing in his very, very long life had ever done. It physically hurt him to release her and turn his back on everything she offered, but it was for the best.

The Rhys who has existed for centuries is gone. Stripped of his ability to shapeshift, Rhys can no longer embody the majestic, powerful dragon he was at birth. Cut off from his heritage by one of his own, this Dragon King must remain a man, haunted by demons who torment his every waking moment. The darkness would swallow him whole...except a woman so beautiful and haunted becomes the one beam of light in his world...


Lily Ross is taking the first step in building a new life for herself. Still reeling from a relationship that nearly broke her spirit, Lily is wary of her attraction to brawny, brooding Rhys. The passion burning so brightly between them is a potent temptation, but any entanglement is destined to end in disaster. Yet when a spectre from Lily's past threatens their growing bond, Rhys is forced to choose with his heart, or lose this woman who has become his one chance at Donna Grant's newest Dark Kings novel, Night's Blaze.

This book has action, adventure, paranormal aspects ( Dragons, Warriors, Druids, and Fae). The characters are what you would expect, hot, sexy, alpha males. I did not consider most of the women wimpy, to me they seemed to be well written. Not too over the top, but just right for what their professions are written as. This is the sixth book in the Dark Kings series, but the author puts enough of the back story into each book, that you don't have to read the others. I would recommend it, though.

The Dark Kings books tie in with the Dark Sword/Dark Warrior books. The Dragon Kings showed up in the last several of the Dark Sword books, while the Warriors showed up in this book. The continuation and cross over of the series is really good. This is a stand alone book, but you will get much more enjoyment out of it if you at least read the first three Dark Kings Novellas, Dark Craving, Night's Awakening, and Dawn's Desire.

This book took me only hours to read. The events leading up to Rhys' s story have held me captive and intrigued. Getting into his head kept me turning the pages. The way he helps Lily build herself back up is admirable and enchanting. Rhys' s story is definitely my favorite. I thought I had everything figured out, that the story would continue as the others have, but I was sadly and pleasantly mistaken. At the climax I felt as if my heart had been ripped out. There have been some close calls, but none as close as in this book. Whether you're reading through the series or just starting, this is one story you won't want to miss!!

4/5 Review: Silver Lining by Debbie Macomber

Since opening the Rose Harbor Inn, Jo Marie Rose has grown close to her handyman, Mark Taylor. Jo Marie and Mark are good friends—and are becoming something more—yet he still won’t reveal anything about his past. When Mark tells her that he’s moving out of town, Jo Marie is baffled. Just when she is starting to open herself up again to love, she feels once more that she is losing the man she cares about. And as she discovers the secret behind Mark’s decision to leave, she welcomes two visitors also seeking their own answers.

Best friends Kellie Crenshaw and Katie Gilroy have returned to Cedar Cove for their ten-year high school reunion, looking to face down old hurts and find a sense of closure. Kellie, known as Coco, wants to finally confront the boy who callously broke her heart. Katie, however, wishes to reconnect with her old boyfriend, James—the man she still loves and the one who got away. As Katie hopes for a second chance, Coco discovers that people can change—and both look to the exciting possibilities ahead.
Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors for relaxing reading. I've read all of the Blossom Street books, and many of the Cedar Cove books. As a few other reviewers have noted, 'Silver Linings' is not a fast paced story, especially in the first chapters. One problem is that the story shifts from first person in chapter one, to second person in subsequent chapters, with first person thrown in again here and there. That's not easily done and can snag a story's flow. Also, (early on in particular) the 'characters ' repetitious thoughts made it too easy for me to lose interest in them; it took quite awhile before they began to grow/develop enough to catch my attention.

There are several reasons why I didn’t rate this book higher. 1) Jo Marie’s story is told in her own voice. Whereas Coco and Katie’s vignettes are in third person. This was distracting and the transitions were jarring. 2) The story centers mostly on the events at the high school reunion with too much immature high school-like dramas. 3) Coco’s confrontation with her ghost was short-lived and anticlimactic. And, her encounter with an old crush immediately following her “healing” was a little too picture perfect.

This was a great story, as is all of the Rose Harbor series have been. I enjoyed revisiting old faces and meeting new people. Debbie Macomber does a wonderful job of using multiple characters without confusion. The entire story read like I was really part of their lives and it was hard to put down. I liked how she tied up some loose ends, but left enough to ensure that any true fan will be drooling until they can get the final installment of the Rose Harbor series. I definitely recommend this book.


5/5 Review: Madame X by Jasinda Wilder

My name is Madame X.I’m the best at what I do...

Hired to transform the uncultured, inept sons of the wealthy and powerful into decisive, confident men, Madame X wields culture and wit like a knife. But behind her sophisticated facade X is a woman adrift, trapped between a dangerous past she can’t remember and the protection of a seductive man who claims her body—and her soul.

Undone time and again by his exquisite dominance, X craves and fears his desire in equal measure. And while she longs for the safety of her tower penthouse, she also yearns to escape. But X has never known anything or anyone else—until he came along…

Jasinda Wilder has done it again! Madame X is a wonderfully spun tale of a woman who teaches young wealthy men to be confident instead of arrogant and spoiled. She woke up 6 years ago, in a hospital beaten and broken after being attacked, she isn't alone and doesn't remember her name. Caleb is by her side and takes her home, helps her heal, and gives her a job. He seems great on the surface but treats X like she is property to be available when he deems it and then disappears. X doesn't have any outside communication and isn't allowed anything but a business relationship with her clients. If she crosses the line - Caleb makes her regret it. Needless to say Caleb is a bastard of epic proportions.

I must admit I wanted to shake X more then once because of the power she allowed Caleb and for some of the bad decisions she makes. The mystery is what and why is Caleb holding her the way he does. As, X's starts to grow and see the relationship for what it is, she meets a man named Logan who wants to treat her with love, and compassion. Cherish her for the gift she is. It was wonderful seeing how their connection started and moved so quickly in intensity.

Ms. Wilder's characters are hot, well-developed and strong. The story line progresses rapidly and will keep you involved and turning pages. I understand that it is part of a trilogy, but it doesn't leave you hanging just looking forward to seeing what the next book will unviel about the lovely Madame. If you are in the market for a darkish, erotic book, I would highly recommend this one.


5/5 Review: Make Me Stay by Jaci Burton

Having left his hometown of Hope years ago, only one thing could persuade architect Reid McCormack to come home for a lengthy stay—the challenge of renovating a historic building. But once the job is finished, he’ll be headed back to Boston, no matter how much he’s drawn to beautiful florist Samantha Reasor.

Samantha watches over her elderly grandmother and pours a piece of herself into every floral creation she designs. Her crush on Reid has been blooming for a while now, but she’s reluctant to act on it. A temporary fling isn’t what she’s looking for, even if Reid is smoking hot and super sexy. She wants a real, permanent, forever kind of love.

Two people with different goals couldn’t possibly work, and yet as their attraction grows into something deeper, maybe falling in love is the one thing Samantha and Reid can build a future on.
Reid McCormack is a big city architect with a successful business and plenty of room to grow, however he's stepped away temporarily, to renovate a historical building in his hometown of Hope Oklahoma. He has no plans of staying past the renovation, no matter how hard his friends and family beg.

Samantha Reasor is the owner of the town floral shop, and it just so happens to be her that informed Reid that the building was going to be demolished, together they looked it over several months back and it was instant love for Reid (for the building of course!) Now Sam gets to enjoy watching Red daily out her window and she sure does love the view.

Can Sam be the one to push Reid to make him stay?

So being from a small town, I really enjoy reading about small town romances, I could literally picture this town as the one I grew up in and it made it that much better! Jaci was very clear on how she wanted her fictional town and it's residents to be, and I could see them clear as day! 

I loved the family dynamic between each character, even if they weren't blood, they were family. And of course, when Ried has a dog attach itself to him it was all the better,  I was jealous and want one just like him! 
The story was well written and made me fall in love with the main characters myself. Definitely a great light and fun read! 

4/5 Review: The Muse by Anne Calhoun

Arden MacCarren can’t afford to lose control. Her family’s investment house has failed, their professional reputation is all but destroyed, and it’s up to Arden to hold the line. The only distraction she allows herself is a weekly drawing class where she can forget everything. Then she meets Seth Malone. When he poses in her class, strong, mysterious, and unbearably sexy, she can’t resist him. The only thing she can do is keep it purely physical—no emotions, no strings, and definitely no telling.

Seth understands responsibilities, both Arden’s and his own. During his last tour as a Marine he lost his best friends to an IED. He has a duty to look after his buddies’ survivors. All he allows himself is the stolen moments with Arden. But as he’s drawn into Arden’s battle with her demons, he comes face-to-face with his own. Seth will have to choose between a duty he can’t ignore and the longing to inspire Arden’s every desire—mind, soul, and body…

Arden MacCarren's life has been turned upside down, she's constantly in the public eye and they paparazzi are just drooling to get her in a vulnerable position. Her panic attacks won't go away so her friends decide a drawing class is the answer. There she meets Seth, the sexy former marine who just so happens to be the nude model for their private drawing class. Seth is all Arden can think about despite the crisis in her life, and Seth can't get Arden golden hair out of his mind. Together they become each others muse, for their art, their passion and their lives, but is that enough? 

This book had promise, and I was looking forward to reading it, however the first 50% of the book was almost boring. There were so many pointless details that I felt like the author just wanted to make the book longer. Hell, the main characters had only been in the same room three times!
But I was determined to finish. And I'm glad I did. The second half finally got better,  not as many tedious details, and more of Seth and Arden together. The story line pulled me in and made me want to finish it to see if they got their happily ever after. 

If you're looking for a quick read, this is not for you. But if you're patient, I think you'll enjoy thus book. The second half is what earned this book that extra point in my mind.

5/5 Review: The Devil Wears Spurs by Soraya Lane

Introducing the King brothers--three red-hot Texas billionaire cowboys who are wildly devoted to their family ranch…and the women who can tame them.


As a newcomer to the great Lone State, Chloe thinks she's immune to the charms of cowboys--until Ryder King comes along. A gorgeous rodeo star with a gambling problem should spell trouble for Chloe, who's as quick-witted as she is stunning. But there's something gentle in Ryder's otherwise wild nature that gives her pause. And she can only fight her attraction for so long…


Texas born, bred, and proud, Ryder has always had a way with the ladies--though not so much with poker. He's just bet, and lost, a third of his family's ranch in a game. Can Chloe, the daughter of a card sharp who knows how to play to win, team up with Ryder in Vegas to help him win it back? The closer Ryder comes to getting back the ranch, the greater he risks losing his heart to Chloe. Is he ready to lay it all on the line for her? And can she trust that Ryder is for real--or is one of Texas's most notorious playboys too good to be true?

If you love cowboy romances and stories this is a great one for you. I thought the first of the three stories of the Texas cowboys was so fun, sweet and sexy that I can't wait to read the last two in this series.  Ryder and Chloe are great family people who just want to make it on their own, even if it means mistakes along the way.  Getting out of the mistakes make for lots of twists and turns. Can blackmail and friendship turn into something great? These gamblers will try their best to make a go of it.

I thought this story was compelling and lots of fun to read. It shows how people make some stupid mistakes because they think they can win. The mistakes have consequences that make this story great to read. I really liked how the secondary characters are well written up and make you want to keep reading each book to see how they will be involved. Texans and rodeos, family and troubles, sexy and fun, who could ask for more.


4/5 Review: Summer On Lovers Island by Donna Alward

What happens when a seasonal fling turns into the love of a lifetime?

Lizzie Howard's life has always been adrenaline-charged. Top of her class at Harvard Med and now a gifted trauma doctor, Lizzie's medical career has always come before rest, relaxation, and especially romance. But when one careless mistake brings her future to a screeching halt, Lizzie's only chance at reviving it is to temporarily take over a friend's practice in Jewell Cove. The sleepy Maine coast, a world away from the bustling emergency room Lizzie knows and loves, leaves her feeling more lost than ever-until she meets widowed doctor Joshua Collins, and her heart starts beating a little bit faster...
Coming home to Jewell Cove was Josh's salvation after his wife died. Looking for peace among the familiar faces of friends and family, he's grateful to work in the town's small medical clinic by day and spend his nights trying to forget everything he's lost. Lizzie's big-city sensibilities are a brash reminder of the world he's pushed away, but he can't deny that together they've sparked a flame that crackles higher and brighter every day. Maybe love is the best medicine after all ...

This is a great easy reading romance about doctors and the Maine area. I thought it was a great stand-alone novel but want to go read the other books in the Jewel Cove series. The story is written about a small sleepy area and the descriptions want to make you go explore it yourself.  The love scenes and their romance were easy going and made this an easy to read romance.

I liked how the story evolved about two very different doctors who were totally different personality wise from each other, became a nice romance of how people can adapt change and see what they really need and want.  Both Doctors Lizzie and Josh had extreme problems that brought them to the same medical practice.  Lizzie was only supposed to be there for a short time to help out a friend and recover from family tragedy and work related tragedy.  Josh was always the small town sort of person and was returning to settle down after his wife died. She had not been a faithful wife so he had lots of heart hurts to get over.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Release: ONE-EYED DUKES ARE WILD by Megan Frampton + GIVEAWAY!!!

Enter to Win a Print Set of the Dukes Behaving Badly Series, 
and NO GROOM AT THE INN (Novella)

Dukes Behaving Badly #3
Megan Frampton
Releasing December 29th, 2015
Avon Books

Another fun and sexy romance in Megan’s Dukes Behaving Badly series!

When does proper behavior deserve a deliciously improper reward?

The scandalously unmarried Lady Margaret Sawford is looking for adventure-and is always up for a challenge. Her curiosity is aroused by a dangerous-looking stranger with an eye patch, an ideal companion for the life she longs for, no matter what Society might say. So when the piratical gentleman turns out to be a duke-and just as boringly proper as any other nobleman-she can’t help but incite him to walk on the wild side.

Well-heeled, well-mannered, and well beyond any interest in society’s expectations, the Duke of Lasham is tired of being perfect. Margaret’s lush beauty and gently laughing eyes are an irresistible temptation to embrace the imperfect-and her. But if a little misbehavior is appealing, unleashing his wild side is completely seductive-as long as the lovely Margaret is the object of his passion…


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A London ballroom
Too many people, too much noise
Lasham took too big a swallow of his wine, knowing his headache would only be exacerbated by the alcohol, but unwilling to forgo the possibility that perhaps, for just a few minutes, his perception would be muffled, blurred a little around the edges.
So that he wouldn’t be in a state of constant keen awareness that he was the Duke of Lasham, that he was likely the most important person wherever he happened to be—according to everyone but him—and that he was under almost continuous surveillance.
The ballroom was filled with the best people of Society, all of whom seemed to be far more at ease than he had ever been. Could ever be, in fact. He stood to the side of the dance floor, the whirling fabric of the ladies’ gowns like a child’s top.
Not that he’d been allowed anything as playful or fun as a top when he was growing up. But he could identify the toy, at least.
“Enjoying yourself, Your Grace?” His hostess, along with two of her daughters, had crept up along his blind side, making him start and slosh his wine onto his gloved hand. Occurrences like this weren’t the worst part of having lost an eye—that obviously would be the fact that he only had one eye left—but it was definitely annoying.
“Yes,” he said, bowing in their general direction, “thank you, I am.”
The three ladies gawked at him as though waiting for him to continue to speak, to display more of his wondrous dukeliness for their delight. As though he were more of an object than a person.
But he couldn’t just perform on command, and his hand was damp, and now he would have to go air out his glove before bestowing another dance on some lady he would be obliged to dance with, being the duke, and all. Because if his glove was damp, it might be perceived as, God forbid, sweaty, and sweaty-handed dukes might mean that the duke had gotten said sweat because he was enthralled with the person with whom he was dancing, which would lead to expectations, which would lead to expect a question, and Lasham knew he did not want to ever have to ask that question of anybody.
It was bad enough being the object of scrutiny when he was out in public. At home, at least, he was by himself, blissfully so, and taking a duchess would require that he be at home by himself with somebody else, and that somebody would doubtless have ducal expectations of him as well.

“Excuse me,” he said to the silent, gawking ladies. He sketched a quick bow and strode off, trying to look as though he had a destination rather than merely wishing to depart.

Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction as Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Release: Smoldering Hunger by Donna Grant

Smoldering Hunger 
(Dark Kings Series, #8)
by Donna Grant 

His kisses were soul stirring, leaving her gasping and hungry for more. They pulled her from the wasteland of her life viciously and ruthlessly. With just one kiss she was clinging to him, silently begging him to show her all that one brush of his lips had promised.

Darius is back. Edinburgh thought it had seen the last of this seductive Dragon King, but that was before Darius found something worthwhile. He just can’t stay away from the impossibly beautiful Dr. Sophie Martin—even though he knows that a passion this strong could prove detrimental…for them both.

Sophie tried to forget her encounter with smoking-hot Darius to no avail. He’s in her dreams, tempting her. But her association with Darius catches the attention of another, putting her in mortal danger. . .and Darius, who has vowed to protect her, is her only hope. But can she trust the notorious dragon shapeshifter? The only thing she knows for sure is that she cannot resist him…

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Alone. It was such an insignificant word. Or it had been for centuries. He’d sought out the solitude, had slept away centuries in his cave without hesitation.
And now? Now he hated the quiet.
He detested being alone.
It wasn’t that he missed the other Dragon Kings. He could communicate with them via their mental link at any time. It was something much deeper, much stronger that twisted his gut.
He’d told the other Kings he wanted to end the war with the Dark Fae so he could return to his mountain and the dragon sleep. It had been the truth. For a bit. Now, he found himself searching for something he didn’t understand or know.
No matter how many times he walked the streets of the city, no matter how many times he killed the evil Dark Fae who sought to slaughter the innocent humans, Darius was never satisfied.
It was as if he were missing something. That only made him hunt longer and harder. He’d tracked the last remaining Dark Fae who hadn’t been smart enough to leave the city, running the bastards to ground.
Since the Dark fed off the souls of the humans, Darius took great pleasure in killing them. But not even that helped to ease the tension within him.
But it did help him remember that he was a lethal warrior. He did what he did not just for himself, but for his brethren at Dreagan who hid amongst the humans distilling world-famous whisky. And he did it for the humans.
The realm might’ve been the dragons first and foremost, but the humans were part of that world as well. The Dragon Kings fought for themselves and the mortals who once tried to kill them.
Darius removed his shirt and folded it before neatly stacking it on the table on the other side of the warehouse. After removing his boots and setting them tidily together, he unfastened his jeans and stepped out of them. Folding them, he set the jeans beside his shirt and turned to face the dead Fae.
With just a thought, he shifted, his body transforming from that of a human into a dragon. He shook his great head and blinked his eyes as he fastened them onto the Dark.
The greed and extravagance of the Dark Fae had caused the city to erupt in chaos. Edinburgh hadn’t been the only place bombarded with the Dark, however. Every major city in Scotland and England had been attacked.
It caused the Dragon Kings to take drastic action against the Fae. In doing so, the Kings played right into the Dark’s hands’.
The Dark Fae filmed the Kings on Dreagan flying, fighting, and shifting. That video had been released onto the Internet, and a fury storm of questions fell upon Dreagan.
Their leader, Constantine, King of Kings, ordered that no Dragon King could shift out of human form. Darius was doing what his brethren hadn’t been able to do in weeks.
He wasted no time in breathing fire upon the Dark. There was nothing on any realm as hot as dragon fire, and it scorched the bodies into ash almost instantly.
Darius immediately returned to human form and dressed. He wouldn’t stay in his true appearance when the others couldn’t. It wasn’t fair. And it only made him hate the Dark Fae even more.
Once, long ago, there was a war on Earth between the Fae and the Kings. The Fae Wars had lasted for decades with hundreds dying.
The Kings eventually won. It was supposed to have been a war that would never be repeated. It would’ve remained that way if the Kings hadn’t had to hide their true selves. There was only one race to blame for that: the humans.
Darius dressed and left the warehouse. It was just after five in the morning. There was still time to do some hunting. Perhaps he’d get lucky and see who was killing the Dark.
He hadn’t gone more than five blocks when he found himself turning to the left. Darius walked another two before he realized he was on his way to the Royal Victoria Hospital.
His feet halted instantly.
Every time Sophie entered his thoughts, he hastily squished it. She was a distraction he didn’t need - and couldn’t afford. Yet, when he walked the streets, every time he saw a flash of red hair, he hoped it was her.
There was only one time in the two weeks since he’d made love to her on the street, shrouded by shadows with a hunger for her riding him hard, had he allowed himself to see her.
A day after their encounter he’d remained hidden atop a roof watching as she left the hospital. She hadn’t even looked in the direction where they’d had sex against the building.
Did she remember how her nails bit into his flesh? Did she recall how her body shuddered with the force of her climax? Did she forget how he had to swallow her screams of pleasure with a kiss?
He had no trouble recollecting all of that and more. So much more. For days after he had the taste of her on his tongue. Even now he recalled the feel of her soft, warm skin beneath his hands. He knew the weight of her breasts and how sensitive her nipples were.
If he allowed himself, he could get drunk off her kisses alone.
It was that reason alone that he hadn’t returned to the hospital or anywhere near Sophie’s home. She was much too alluring and entirely too much of a temptation to put himself in close proximity to her.
So why was he now heading toward the very place he shied away from? His thoughts had been on the Dark and eradicating them forever from this realm. He hadn’t even been thinking of Sophie.

Darius turned on his heel and retraced his steps. He had to get far from Sophie. Nothing good could come of him seeing her again.

The Dark Kings Series

About the Author

Donna Grant is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the sizzling Dark King series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

She was born and raised in Texas but loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States as well as to Jamaica, Mexico, and Scotland. Growing up on the Texas/Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding.

Despite deadlines and voracious reading, Donna still manages to keep up with her two children, four cats, and one long haired Chihuahua.

You can find Donna at 



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