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Saturday, December 12, 2015

5/5 Review: Burn It Up: A Desert Dogs Novel by Cara McKenna

In the latest from the acclaimed author of Give It All, mount up and ride a roaring motorcycle to Fortuity, Nevada, where the heat is rising…
After a decade spent chasing shadier pursuits, Casey Grossier has come home to the badlands to settle down in Fortuity. Vowing to put his days of dirty money behind him, he’s cleaned up his act and become co-owner of Benji’s Saloon. But despite his efforts to be a better man, he can’t shake his crush on his sweet-faced bartender, even though the woman screams trouble.

Abilene Price hopes she can outrun her mistakes and build a safe, respectable life for herself and her baby. So she’d be wise to keep her distance from her boss, Casey, and the rest of his roughneck motorcycle club, the Desert Dogs. But she just might need their help. The return of a violent figure from Abilene’s past ignites a powder keg—and it’s only the beginning…
The first thing I need to say in this review of Burn It Up by Cara McKenna, is I NEED THE REST OF THIS SERIES!!!!  This book caught me by surprise.  The things that both Abilene and Casey has done in their pasts are down right hard to get past but they manage.  It's crazy that what was revealed about each of them was way off track from what I expected.  I almost didn't forgive Abilene for turning her back on Casey after he told her about his past.  They were becoming serious and she had a right to know as he did about her past.  What got me upset was that even after she got to know him, after he was there for her and her new born daughter, she still saw him as a criminal and not as the man he was trying to become.  He was changed and she had no right to judge him given the skeletons in her closet.  I'm happy she finally saw how much of a mistake she made because these two are good for each other.  Factor Mercy, the baby in to the equation and you have the foundation for a great family.  There was so much emotion involved with all the characters and the story line was so well developed I must say that I am incredibly thrilled that I was able to find this world.  I will definitely be recommending this book personally to friends I know who will also fall in love with these people.  I have a feeling also that Miah is soon to find that romance he was looking for.  I am looking forward to reading more of Cara's work.  She is truly an artist.


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