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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

4/5 Review: Triumph by Kate Pearce

Rehz Akran has had enough of the Tribute program and its sadistic overseer, Palk. When Palk captures Rehz’s mate, Anna Lee, and offers her and Aled Price to the Ungrich for further research, Rehz is ready for rebellion. But first, with the help of Kai Mexr — who wants Aled back just as much as Rehz wants Anna — he must break into the Ungrich world, rescue Anna, and discover why they want her so badly.

The chilling answer to that question lies in Anna’s forgotten origins — origins that Aled shares. To save their lovers, Rehz and Kai must take on Palk and a government that is more than willing to sacrifice Anna and Aled to keep the peace.

The two couples join forces — in more ways than one — and together they discover that they may be capable of defeating two civilizations and changing the course of Mitan history forever.


Kate Pearce’s Triumph (The Tribute Series #3) may contain some triggers for people so read with caution.  This is the perfect ending for this series.  To get there though both couples had to go through a final challenge.  Kai and Rehz had to go into Ungrich space to retrieve their mates.  Anna and Aled were taken and given to the Ungrich so that they could continue with their experimentation to control the surface.  After Kai and Rehz get confirmation that Anna and Aled are in Ungrich space they decide to go in and rescue them.  When they get there they see that Anna and Aled are being forced to mate so that they Ungrich could keep the offspring, if there are any, so that they can further their experimentation.  The two couples are kept in Ungrich space for a couple weeks and during that time they are tortured to point of barely surviving.  They realize the Ungrich’s plans while there and decide that they need to do everything they can to survive and warn the people on the surface.  When they do manage to escape they have to deal with the trauma of what they went through and the changes that it forced on them.  Palk escaped and they still have the worry of when he is going to come after them.  The danger of always being hunted by the Ungrich and the possibility that offspring were produced while being held captive are all worries that the two couples carry and must deal with as they struggle to survive.  I won’t say much more because I don’t want to give away much more, but the two couple evolve and become what they need to survive and thrive.  I am completely satisfied with the way the series was ended.  I am looking forward to reading this author’s other works. 

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