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Saturday, December 5, 2015

5/5 Review: Winter Oranges by Marie Sexton

Jason Walker is a child star turned teen heartthrob turned reluctant B-movie regular who’s sick of his failing career. So he gives up Hollywood for northern Idaho, far away from the press, the drama of LA, and the best friend he’s secretly been in love with for years.
There’s only one problem with his new life: a strange young man only he can see is haunting his guesthouse. Except Benjamin Ward isn’t a ghost. He’s a man caught out of time, trapped since the Civil War in a magical prison where he can only watch the lives of those around him. He’s also sweet, funny, and cute as hell, with an affinity for cheesy ’80s TV shows. And he’s thrilled to finally have someone to talk to.
But Jason quickly discovers that spending all his time with a man nobody else can see or hear isn’t without its problems—especially when the tabloids find him again and make him front-page news. The local sheriff thinks he’s on drugs, and his best friend thinks he’s crazy. But Jason knows he hasn’t lost his mind. Too bad he can’t say the same thing about his heart.

Winter Oranges by Marie Sexton is such an amazing read!  Jason is a B list movie star who moves to Idaho to get away from the paparazzi that seem to have it out for him.  He is disappointed with the way his life has been going and can’t find any purpose for it anymore.  He feels like he is always going to love his friend Dylan without his feelings being reciprocated.  When he sees a man staring at him from the guesthouse window, he thinks that someone is trespassing on his property and calls the sheriff.  Only to realize that she can’t see the man in the window.  He accepts the conclusion that the man is a ghost pretty easily in theory but then he actually sees the man in the guest house and freaks out.  After he comes to terms with the fact that Ben is a ghost, he begins to get to know him.  Their journey is one full of emotions and the falling in love happens at a nice pace.  It is ista love, which I appreciate.  They learned about each other and so falling in love felt natural, even though Ben was a ghost.  I love how Jason was able to get into the globe and actually touch Ben.  Jason also realizes that maybe Dylan cares more than he is willing to admit, but they end up as very good friends, more like brothers, who are there for each other.  Dylan inadvertently saves Ben and Jason's lives. Jason realizes that he can't hide from the world and that if he continued to do so, he would slowly die from loneliness. I want to know more about Ben and Jason, and hopefully Dylan gets his own HEA.  I love the emotion between the characters!


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