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Thursday, December 31, 2015

5/5 Review: Edge of Danger by Katie Reus

When an assassin tries to kill undercover DEA agent Tucker Pankov the same week his boss is taken out, Tucker has good reason to be paranoid. And when other members of his elite team are not only targeted, but stripped of top-secret security clearance, Tucker has one shot at discovering who wants them dead—and why. So he kidnaps the only woman he thinks can save them.

Brilliant NSA analyst Karen Stafford doesn’t like being forced into anything, especially by someone she doesn’t trust. Yet after a hijacked US-owned drone starts attacking government installations resulting in mass casualties, Karen has to take Tucker’s side.  Now, two unlikely allies must unite to prevent an escalating and unthinkable terrorist conspiracy. But as Tucker and Karen grow intimate, they realize the conspiracy runs deep, and their enemies are closer than anyone realized.

There was so much that happened in such a short amount of time that I didn't realize the initial time frame of when the Tyler's boss was murdered and when they captured the culprits behind the terrorist attacks was short.  It all happened within a few days.  During that time you lived a whole relationship between Tyler and Karen.  It amazes me how such a talented author can bring to life the world they create in their minds. 
After disposing of the assassins sent after them, Tyler and 3 other DEA agents were framed for the death of their boss as well as some terrorist attacks that were hitting major places.  Kidnapping Karen Stafford was never part of the plan but after not getting a response from the one man they knew could help they had no other choice but to try and get help from her to get a message to Wesley. 
Tucker wasn't looking for love and neither was Karen.  That didn't stop them from falling in love.  Karen, after hearing finding out that Tucker and his friends were being framed, decided to help clear their names and capture those who were responsible.  Saving each others lives was a top priority for them.
This was an incredibly written story filled with thrills, love, intrigue and so much more.  This is a definite must read.

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