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Monday, December 7, 2015

5/5 Review: Tough Enough by M. Leighton

He’s a fighter who never loses, but is he tough enough to win her heart?
There was a time when I had everything–a wonderful family, a bright future. Love. But all that was taken away in a single night, torn from me like flesh from bone. Since then, I’ve hidden away in my second-choice job as a makeup artist. But I prefer it that way, actually. I’m comfortable in the shadows, where no one can see my scars.

Kiefer Rogan literally took my breath away the moment I met him. MMA champion-turned-actor, notorious playboy, charming to a fault—he’s everything I vowed to avoid.

But he just wouldn’t stop until I opened up and let him in. Maybe I should’ve tried harder to resist him. Maybe I shouldn’t have fallen in love with him. Because I, of all people, know that everyone has secrets. Scars. And that they’re usually ugly and painful and destructive to the people we love most.
So I have yet to find a book by M.Leighton that I haven't loved. No I'm not just saying that, she is literally one of my favorite author's. Why you ask? Well for one she is an absolute writing phenomenon. The first book I read of hers was The Blood Like Poison series and then I made my way through the rest of her books. When they decided to come up with the New Adult genre I was excited to know that M was going to become a part of it starting with The Wild Ones. Loved that book and when Tough Enough came out I fell in love with Rogan. I knew she had a bestseller on her hands. Let's face it SEX SELLS. Do I agree with that? Not always, there are some books that aren't on the bestsellers list that I think should be but that's my opinion. However M's books all belong there.

I'm starting off with a definition that serves as a warning. Once you read this series, especially this book, you will develop an obsession for all things Bad Boys series. Their story leaps off the page, grabs you by the heart & mind and then deposits you firmly in the land of Tall, Dark, and Dangerous. Don't worry, you are not alone. When I finished Tough Enough, I was overwhelmed by the emotions that it made me feel throughout - anger, sorrow, confusion, hurt, joy, hope & love. They were all over the place, as was the story. It is a book that, for me, is completely hard to describe. It is about nothing, but everything. It is full of so much hurt, but love dominates. It is full of confusion, but makes perfect sense. I was engulfed in the story and literally could not put the book down until I was done.

After I read every single compelling scene and asked myself, what is the point? What end result did Ms.Leighton want with this book? My answer was simply - trust. Katie & Rogan need to learn to trust each other if they are ever hope to move on from the land of fight or flight & betrayal that they constantly live in. After suffering the horrors of their past, that is not an easy accomplishment. Rogan uses control, instead of trusting, to get what he wants. In the end, the decisions that he makes, only end up hurting both of them. This is a true love story and it will leave you wanting more.

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