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Thursday, December 31, 2015

4/5 Reviews: Rock My World: Anthology by Gracie Wilson, Ursula Sinclair, Shyla Colt, Leanore Elliott, Yvonne Nicolas, Charisma Knight, L.M. Pruitt, Angela Kay Austin, Izzibella Beau

9 stories.
Over 1000 pages long.
That will rock your world!
For limited time only 0.99 cents.

Title: Beautifully Destroyed- Beautifully Series
Author: Gracie Wilson
Tagline: Even something once destroyed can be beautiful again.

Title: The Prison Guard's Son- Young Guns Book 1
Author: Ursula Sinclair
Tagline: I can only be who I am.

Title: When Karma comes to call
Author: Shyla Colt
Tagline: What you give out is what you get back.

Title: Urban Legends
Author: Leanore Elliott
Tagline: Let it burn until the fire is out.

Title: Scorpion Tail (Part 1)
Author: Yvonne Nicolas
Tagline: Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll... and MURDER

Title: Damaged
Author: Charisma Knight
Tagline: Demons, dragons and dreams.

Title: Opening Interlude (Interlude Series) 

Author: L.M. Pruitt
Tagline: What do you do when love isn't enough?

Title: Melodee
Author: Angela Kay Austin
Tagline: A Song for Nora

Title:The Reason Why. Breathless Series.
Author: Izzibella Beau
Tagline: Everybody has one...a reason why.

This is an anthology of nine Rock  romances.  All and all a wonderful compulation of modern authors giving you a taste of what they write and wetting your appetite for more.  They are all in all wonderfully written and a few are down right stunning.  I adored most of them.

Beautifully Destroyed  by Gracie Wilson - Is the touching story of Fate, she is trying to move on from her tragic childhood and is starting college far away from home.  She slowly lets her story out - it's heart breaking and you wonder at times if she can ever come back from the abuse she suffered as a child. She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep and she doesn't like to be touched or to listen to music.   Cameron is a rock god, trying to sort his life out and ends up as Fate's roommate (unexpected male roomate).  Can Cam help Fate, turn herself around and not only learn to love herself but to love him.  In turn can Fate teach Cam that he is a good person and can they find their way together?  It's a beautifully told story, even with the touchy subjects involved.  It  will make you tear up now and again.

The Prison Guard's Son- Young Guns Book 1 by Ursula Sinclair - This one brings us the story of Pike, his Mother was in prison, his father a disgraced prison guard but he did his best to raise him alone after his mother died in prison.  Pike has moved on as much as he could and has made himself a wonderful life as a rock singer.  Eryn is a young lawyer that is in a practice with her cousins, they have a lucrative business with atheletes and she is trying to move some business into the entertainment industry.  First, up is Pike, signing him will bring alot of business into the firm.  However, early one morning she witnesses a woman being accosted in the street and attempts to help her.  When push comes to shove they men after this women take off.  Turns out Pike has shown up and helps her out.  When someone blows up her office and kills Eryn's administrative assistant, Pike takes matters into his own hands and works to protect her.  Turns out they have more in common then they ever knew.  

Urban Legends by Leanora Elliot - In high school Swade fell in love, she thought her life was perfect and suddenly - Vale  was gone said he wouldn't leave her but he did.  In a few brief months her life changed and she changed she became hard on the inside and changed her outside to match.  The band she and her brother were in started to take off.  The Urban Legends were going to become rock stars!  Vale has his own band now called Silken they are already established and rocking the world.  Just when Swade thinks her world couldn't get any better, they have a contract to tour and the elevator door opens and bam - Vale and Silken are the band they are opening for.  Tune in to find out why Vale left and see if he can win Swade's heart and body again.  

Scorpion Tail (Part 1) by Yvonne Nicolas -  Scorpian Tail is the story of Chase, Becca, Slice and MonaLisa, four people who come together to form a band - they are wild, rebellious and sing dark songs - their music brings them into the spotlight quickly.  When a murder is committed during one of their concerts, a young detective Toshiro Matsuda is determined to link the band to the murder.  MonaLisa attempts to distract Toshiro from finding out the bands sordid pasts, but finds it harder an harder to not be attracted to him and keep her secrets.  Toshiro is intrigued but will not be distracted from his mission - will they find love or will MonaLisa become the next victim?

When Karma Comes to Call by Shyla Colt - Rock Singer Karma Good is on the comeback trail after spending a long time in rehab attempting to overcome her addiction to Cocaine.  Things turn ugly and she is running for her life.  She runs into Arsen Smarts, a Slayer for a motor cycle club, he takes her under his protection and brings her to his boss to see if they can help her move forward with her career and make them a little money.   Add, in the lovely Chase and the sparks are flying between the 3.  Can Karma give herself to Arsen, and become a part of his biker lifestyle?  Can Arsen protect her from the people that are after her.  And how will the attraction that Chase and Karma have fit into the mix.  There is a few twists in this one that I didn't see coming and it's one hot ride!

Melodee by Angela Kay Austin - Melodee is a singer songwriter and she is missing the one thing in her life that she regrets - Riley.  Riley is the son of her friend Lucille and she knows they are meant for each other but they both have made mistakes with each other and have to find a way back to one another.

Opening Interlude by L. M. Pruitt - Bethany and Miles are off on the dream - Bethany's parents have paved the way for her in New York City - Miles folks can't give him the time of day.  They are trying to make it in the city that never sleeps, auditions that suck and people that aren't real.  Will they make it or fall apart and go back to their midwestern roots

The Reason Why. Breathless Series. by Izzibella Beau - This is the story of Alabama - a girl that has nothing left - her no good Mama is in jail again and she has no where to go until a friend of her mother's offers to take her in.  She goes off to another small town in hopes to make things better for herself.  Here she meets the friends two sons, Joshua and Hunter - they are rebellious young men, but good at heart.  Josh is a college student playing Lacrosse and Hunter has a band.  Who will win her heart?  

Damaged by Charisma Knight -  Robert is in a band called Meticulous Thunder, after years of playing two bit clubs they have signed a recording deal and are touring.  While his band is happy about this he isn't he wants to get back to his fiance Jade and settle down.   But, he has a secret habit that will ruin everything.  He gives his mother a note for Jade and leaves town to get help.  In the note he tells her he loves her but he is letting her go.  Can Robert get his life in order and will Jade still be there if he does?

If you like rock romance this is a great way to dip your toes in and get to know some of the best authors in the Rock genre this is definitly worth the time.  I have found a few new authors to read.  I do have to add that I recommend this one for the 18+ crowd - It is after all sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

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