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Thursday, December 10, 2015

5/5 Review: Claimed by Elle Kennedy

After a devastating war decimated most of the world, Hudson Lane has only known the oppressive life under her own father’s tyranny. She finally escapes, branding herself an outlaw and hunted by the Enforcers. Her best chance at survival is Connor Mackenzie, an aggressively sensual fugitive who opens her eyes to the wicked possibilities of a world without rules.

As the leader of a band of outlaw fighters, Connor can’t resist the beautiful stranger who asks for his protection. Despite his reservations, he agrees to introduce her to a whole new way of life. But when Connor discovers Hudson’s connection to the enemies of liberty, he wonders how far he can trust the woman who has abandoned all inhibitions to challenge every forbidden desire.
Claimed by Elle Kennedy is the first book I have read from this author and to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't disappointed.
End of the world books I usually find quite hard to immerse myself into but this one defeated the odds and can say that I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.
In my opinion most of the characters throughout the book should be considered main characters but the story does focus on the love between appointed leader of the outlaws, Connor and the new comer, Hudson.  Their chemistry together is on fire!
Hudson has came from the city where life is opposite to the outside world.  Her reason for leaving is top secret and guards it close to her heart even though she knows that one day she will need to divulge what it is.  Anyone could take one look at Hudson and believe she is soft and inexperienced to the wild world outside the comfort of the city, but really she is so much more.  She is tough, honest (even if she holds a deadly secret), compassionate and most of all loyal.
Connor never wanted to be leader to his group of outlaws but circumstances and loyalty from the others in the group made him the leader never the less.  He is sexy as hell, fierce, worldly and loyal but he too has a secret he has kept from his best friends.
When Connor and Hudson's lives crash together its a moment neither of them dreamt would take them to the place they need most in the world.  Enforcers are after them and they are in turn after the Enforcers but in a race against time there can only be one winner.  It's up to Hudson and Connor to learn to forgive and to trust enough to get through the hell hole they have entered.
As I said, this story has a bunch of main characters and you can not forget them as they all form such a storyline that I believe its as important as Hudson and Connor.  Rylan, Pike, Xander and Kade all play their part in the story and I can see their stories forming already for the next instalment and I can not wait!
Although I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I do have to give a warning to fellow readers.  Claimed isn't what I would call an erotic novel but it does have a lot of very graphic sex scenes that might not be for the faint hearted.  I personally loved them, but I like to give a warning for those that aren't used to of the so in your face sex scenes that are in this book.

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