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Thursday, December 10, 2015

4/5 Review: Evermore (A Wicked Tale) by Rebecca Royce

How is love possible when all is lost?

Werewolf Homer Prinze wants nothing more than to complete his assignment and get out of the wasteland that is the city. The dragons have destroyed everything, but a cry catches his attention. Before he knows it, he has met his mate. She needs his help and he is going to give it to her.

Camille is no one's idea of great mate. Pregnant and alone, she is scarred and not looking for a companion in the hard world in which she lives.

But when Homer needs her, she will risk everything to bring him home.

About the Author: Rebecca Royce is the mother of three and married to her best friend. Moving from the NYC area to Austin, Texas, she is trying to eat her way through Texas barbecue.

Anything can happen, believe that it will.

Evermore is the fourth installment in the Dragon War series by Rebecca Royce. This is Homers story, an elite soldier recently home from the long Dragon Wars. On a trip into the city on assignment from his Alpha he hears the distress cries of a woman and follows the sound into an alley. This is where he discovers his Mate fending off two angry werewolves. The one thing you don't do is mess with an Werewolf mates,his very Pregnant mate.

I read and enjoyed the previous books in this series this, so I was looking forward to reading this story, but I wasn't prepared for how much I would enjoy this one. There's a great deal more plot, character development, and conflict than I'd expect to see in an paranormal short, especially one this length. I was only going to take a quick look and read for a few minutes before I had to do something else, and I keep hitting the page button on my kindle until I was finished.

I think Rebecca Royce hits the exact right line between Urban Fantasy and Romance here. While the love scenes are not as abundant as they have been in previous books, Camille and Homer do manage to find a way to have very hot sex. The scenes that are the most moving to me are those in which Homer is protecting Camille. He is so easy in talking about his feelings for her, so comfortable in his commitment to their relationship. It never fails to make me swoon, and there are several of those scenes in Evermore. I love seeing Camille relax into their relationship, accepting Homer's desire to protect her in a way she hasn't in the past. Here, they really are working as a team to overcome the obstacles in their path, and it works. Rather than making them dull, having the angst come from outside their relationship allows them to grow closer, making them seem more mature and grounded. Their passion for each other shines with a new depth as their trust in each other's feelings solidifies.

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