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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5/5 Review: Having Her Boss's Baby by Maureen Child

Billionaire game designer Brady Finn's latest business plan doesn't include a feisty Irish lass who challenges him at every turn. But Aine Donovan, the stunning manager of the hotel he just purchased, is as determined to prevent Brady from ruining tradition as Brady is to have her in his bed. When a no-strings fling leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Aine runs from her sexy, stubborn boss. What Brady doesn't know won't hurt him, right? But Brady won't give up on claiming her—and their child—so easily…


This is my first book by Maureen Child. I adored it! It's a sweet little romance that has nothing dark or dreary it was refreshing.

Brady and his team buy a castle in Ireland, to turn into a theme hotel that goes along with their video game empire. Brady requests that Aine, the young woman that has been managing the hotel come to his offices in California to discuss the changes that are forthcoming. Aine, reluctantly travels to the other side of the earth, knowing the one thing that will not happen is turning her castle into a tacky theme park.

When she arrives and isn't met by Brady she is instantly enraged and feels disrespected. So, being the fiery Irish lass that she is the sparks start to fly immediately. The business woman in her knows that she should ignore the feelings that she starts to have for Brady, but the woman in her doesn't want to be denied.

Brady, is a man in control. He doesn't do relationships and having never known a family of his own, doesn't know how to love. The two fight the attraction for as long as possible and then boom! The clothes fly and caution is thrown to the wind. After, what she feels is another rejection she returns to the castle in Ireland to oversee the renovations and move on with her life. Well, she soon finds out that that night left her with a little something else (a baby!). 

When Brady relises that Aine is having his baby, he is hurt and tries to make amends and do his duty. Aine is having none of it. If she can't have his love she doesn't want his money or his duty as a father. I loved watching things develop and seeing how Brady matures and how Aine shows him that he is much more a man then he thinks he is.

Ms. Child's tale of castle's and Ireland are lovely. It's obvious she has done her research on the area and being a bit of a gamer in my youth it was fun to see what goes into making and developing games as well. I can't wait to read the next in the series. If you are in the market for a light HEA Romance then this one is a keeper

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