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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Never List by Koethi Zan

After best friends Jennifer and Sarah were in involved in a car accident that took the life of Jennifer's mother they started keeping " The Never List. " It was list that would always keep them safe, well it did not work. They along with two other girls were kidnapped and held held prisoner for three years. Ten years later their kidnapper comes up for parole and the women can not let that happen, so they decide to begin their own investigation. They are not prepared for the horror that they uncover.

WOW,WOW,WOW!!!! This book is awesome. If you like attention grabbing suspenseful read, then is the book for you. You will not want to put this book down and will be disappointed that the book ends.  It has mystery, intrigue, kidnapping and characters that come full circle. I read this book in 90 minutes. I absolutely loved this book and will be looking for anything else he has written. If I could give The Never List ten hearts I would have. This is a must read!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Never Love a Scoundrel by Darcy Burke

When the beast leaves his lair… Labeled a lunatic and a reprobate, Lord Jason Lockwood finds solace in debauchery outside the realm of Polite Society. Scarred both inside and out, Jason can’t possibly hope to regain a place within the ton…until he meets an alluring and persuasive young lady. When she offers to help him reclaim respectability, he’s tempted not by the possibility of a better reputation, but by the lure of seduction. With her by his side, he not only sees what he’s been missing, but also how much he stands to lose. A beauty’s touch provokes his desire…

Lady Lydia Prewitt is everything a debutante should be: beautiful, dowried, and in possession of a sterling reputation. But Lydia’s former life as a gossip has ensured a lonely path. When the opportunity to assist the scandalous yet seductive Lord Lockwood gain entry into London’s best ballrooms, she glimpses a chance for a future she never dreamed of—if he’s willing to meet her halfway. But how can she risk falling in love with a scoundrel if it means joining him in exile?

Oh, I love this book! Ms. Burke is a wonderful writer.  She had me hooked with all the plot twists.  I could not stop reading it to find out what would happen next.  My heart was breaking at how heartless Lydia’s Aunt Margret was. This is a must read book, I can’t wait for the next book to come out so I can find out Ethan’s story.

Jason has taken being shunned by the Ton by throwing vice parties.  He Meets Lydia when they were both going to call on Lady Aldridge.  Jason then showed up while Lydia was having Tea with Mrs. Lloyd-Jones.  He finds that he is fascinated with Lydia because his scar does not frighten her.  As the pair comes, closer, together Lydia is trying to help Jason return to polite society, they both realize that there are forces trying to draw them apart.  Will love conquer all in the end?

Less than a Gentleman by Kerrelyn Sparks

Between searching for the missing Munro sisters and South Carolina being all but lost to the British, Captain Matthais Thomas has more important things to worry about than finding a bride. But his mother has other ideas. When Matthais finds a beautiful woman in his bed who claims to be his betrothed, he is suspicious of her identity … and determined to discover the truth.
Caroline Munro had few options. The British burned down her home, and now, traveling with her very pregnant sister, Caroline is pretending to be someone she’s not so they can have a safe place to rest. But she didn’t count on a matchmaking matron or her rogue of a son … and certainly never dreamed she would fall in love with a spy.
Caroline Munro is trying to get her pregnant sister and her children to safety and they stumble onto a home that mistakes her for someone else so she pretends to be that person, unbeknownst to her the son of the house is Captain Matthias was sent by her father to find her and make sure that she is safe. How will they explain the deception and the lies that they have told each other before they knew that they were soul mates?

You have History, War and Romance who couldn't ask for a better book. I was a little insure of how I would like this book since this is the first Historical Romance by Ms. Sparks that I have read, but as usual she creates her characters with so much personality and charisma that you feel invested in their world. While reading this book I was pulled into the Civil War and the excitement of Caroline and Captain Matthias Romance. I definitely say this is a book that everyone should read.

Beckman by Grace Burrowes

Beckman is another hit by Ms. Burrowes.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It is a story about two people who had been badly hurt, finding each other and learning how to love and trust again.  The way Ms. Burrowes writes, you can see the details in your head. I swear you can actually smell the muffins. This is a must read for fans of historical romance.
  After the loss of his wife, Beckman Haddonfield is sent away from his family home to check on some of their property.  He journeys to Three Springs; there he meets Sara Hunt the housekeeper.   Beck soon realizes there is more going on at Three Springs then he first believed.  He also realizes that Sara and her family are hiding something and he must find the underlying cause of it before someone is hurt.  Sara and Beck become very close and eventually learn to trust one another.  They work together to protect each other and the misfit family that lives at Three Springs.  By working together, they can find love again.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Royal Pain Baby Name Game!

It’s time to play A Royal Pain Baby Name Game! To celebrate Megan Mulry’s upcoming July release, If the Shoe Fits, Sourcebooks would like to know what you think the name of Will & Kate’s new addition will be! All you have to do is comment below with your boy name and girl name predictions, and also following us on our media sites.We will pick one winner who will receive a print copy of Megan’s first book A Royal Pain! 

The only thing worse than being in the spotlight is being kept in the dark...
With paparazzi nipping at his heels, Devon Heyworth, rakish brother of the Duke of Northrop, spends his whole life hiding his intelligence and flaunting his playboy persona. Fast cars and faster women give the tabloids plenty to talk about.
American entrepreneur Sarah James is singularly unimpressed with "The Earl" when she meets him at a wedding. But she's made quite an impression on him. When he pursues her all the way across the pond, he discovers that Miss James has no intention of being won over by glitz and glamor—she's got real issues to deal with, and the last thing she needs is larger-than-life royalty mucking about her business...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Forsaken by the Others by Jess Haines

Forsaken by Others is Book Five of the H&W Investigations Series. Shiarra Wayest has made the decision to be with the Vampire Royce and as she is coming to terms with her decision, Royce is forced to send her and her best friend Sara away to LA County. While there they begin to investigate who is attacking Clyde's (who is the Head Vampire of Los Angeles) Vampire.

This is the first book that I have read in this series and I enjoyed that the book could be read as a stand a lone book. I would love to know where Jess Haines planned on going with her books, she left me wanting more with an amazing cliff hanger. I was a little disappointed that this book did not focus more on Shiarra and Royce's relationship but she sure has created a strong female lead. Forsaken will definitely grab your attention with all the action that keeps the book moving at a great pace. If you have not read the first four books in the series trust me you will be ordering them as I am doing. I cannot wait until book six comes out.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Betting it All by Cate Masters cover reveal

Betting It All
by Cate Masters
Historical romance novella
Coming soon from Decadent Publishing
Can the daughter of a well-known prostitute start a new life where no one knows her family history? Norah Hawkins is sure going to try. When a letter arrives deeding her property in San Francisco, she packs her bags.
Irishman Gerard MacKenzie likes his life free and easy, but is tired of the snobbish East Coast folk. San Francisco has enough vice and folly to suit his needs. Meeting Norah gives him the opportunity to bartend in her saloon. Maybe he can convince her to let him play the piano, too. She’s a shrewd businesswoman, and negotiating with her makes his blood boil. Damn if she doesn’t make his blood boil in other ways.
The morning of April 18, 1906, a terrible earthquake buries their dreams beneath the city’s ruins. Can Norah and Mac rebuild their lives? Will rebuilding their dreams bond them forever, or tear them apart?

About Cate
Cate Masters has made beautiful central Pennsylvania her home, but she’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart. When not spending time with her dear hubby, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company. Look for her at and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.
Cate loves to hear from readers! Email her at:
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Winning a Bride by Jade Lee

Josephine moved to Yorkshire with her family after several failed Seasons in London. They aren't very welcomed there due to her father wanting to make some major changes to the town, but there is one person who looks after her....their steward Will Crowle.
Will worked his families land to the bone, wanting to prove that he was good enough for Josephine...her father wouldn't have it. But when Jo's father brings a Scottish man to be her intendant Will does everything he can to seduce and win Josephine's heart.  
This is definitely one of those historical romance novellas that you do not want to put down from page one. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that there is a special sneak peek at the end to someone who is a key character in this story! So I definitely can not wait to read that story. This was wonderfully written with adventure, secrets and times when you didn't know what was going to happen next....I have to admit the ending was slightly predicable but they way it came about wasn't.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Curve my Appetite by Melissa Kendall

Sally is a plus size women who feels that she will never find her true love due to her size, she signs up with a dating agency that specializes in one night stands. Her date is a Dean is a sexy man who love plus sizes women and he make sure to show Sally how sexy and beautiful she is.

I love that even though she was nervous in the beginning ,when she realized that he thought she was sexy,she was very confidence in her sexuality. The book was fast paced and it was a very smooth read. If you are looking for a short erotic read,this book is for you.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing with Fire by Kayla Perrin

Zienna Thomas finally found her Mr. Right... Nicholas Aubry who is easy on the eyes, charming, successful and tender in bed. Their lives were wonderful, until the night Nicholas introduces Zienna to his longtime best friend Wendell Creighton. She already knew who he was....professionally and intimately. Zienna had that that Wendell was The One, though they were hot and heavy in the sheets, he didn't want to commit.

Wendell is back, and can not keep his eyes off Zienna...and he knows she feels the heat between them too. Now she is apart of this torrid triangle, trying to figure out who to pick: sweet, soul-satisfying Nicholas or scorching, sexy Wendell. Yet part of her questions....Can't I have both?

The thrill of having two lovers in her bed and in the dark was an amazing feeling. Zienna realizes she's playing a dangerous game...but she has no idea how dangerous it is unknown. Once the truth comes out and the testosterone-fueled rivalry begins to explode, someone's going to get burned...

Love triangles are never easy....and wow did Kayla Perrin make this one HOT HOT HOT!!! Once I picked up this book I didn't put it down. There was so many hot scenses, and the storyline was extremely crafty and there were times I had no idea what to expect. She really allowed the characters to struggle, grow and well the ending was definately a "WHAT THE!".....moment. I would love to read more from Kayla Perrin.



The Rogue Steals a Bride by Amelia Grey

Sophia Hart makes a vow to her father that shw would marry a gentleman with a title, and she did this on his deathbed. Problem is the only man she wants to be with is Matson Brentwood, he doesn't have a title but he is decidedly dangerous and dashing. Her vow becomes a heavy burden when he comes crashing into her heart and life.
This is one of them stories where you know the heart always wins. Amelia Grey really did an amazing job taking how back then your word was really all you had, and it would ruin your reputaion along with your family name if you didn't keep it. Along with the fact that there was an added twist of our main man being a twin...who could have thought. Amelia explains more about the hole twin thing at the end of her book. Beautifully written and definately a page turner when your able to get away from life long enough to just read. You may want to read the other books of this series to learn about some of the other characters mentioned in this one.

I Married the Duke by Katharine Ashe

LOVE this saucy historical romance! I absolutely wanted to throw the book about half way through at a twist that had me totally confounded. I thought-Well Jesus, just where the hell is she gonna go from here. I knew I had tons left to read, and I have to admit I was a little steamed, but there was a good reason for the twist, and I totally enjoyed Luc and Arabella’s story beginning to end. That’s not all, I’ve got even better news; it is only the first book in The Prince Catchers trilogy. I really can’t wait to dig into Ravenna’s story!  Five hearts for I Married the Duke.
Arabella is one of three sisters that were sent away by their mother at a very young age, presumably for their own protection. Luckily the young ladies were taken in by a priest to be raised together. One year a gypsy band came through town and the girls decided to pay the fortune teller a visit. They desperately wanted to know who their mother and father was, and had only one item to remember them by-a spectacular gold and ruby men’s ring. Using the ring the Gypsy fortune teller got a glimpse not of the past, but of the future. She informed the girls that one of them would marry a prince, and only then would their parentage be revealed.
Luc has been the heir apparent to a Dukedom for most of his life. His parents are dead. The guardian for his brother and him is a bishop and a very cruel man. After his half mad brother slips from their guardian’s evil clutches Luc escapes London by buying his commission into the navy. Even after his commission ended; due to his losing an eye in a sword fight, he managed to stay away from London society for the greater part of adulthood. That is until a sharp tongued governess buys passage on his commerce ship to the very last place he wants to be. During his trip home he learns that his uncle has passed on, but he is yet unable to inherit the dukedom as his Aunt is pregnant once again. If she manages to deliver a live male the title will pass to the child. His aunt though, has been trying for years to bear a child, but to no avail all previous pregnancies ending in stillbirth. With his life in such turmoil the last thing Luc needs is to be infatuated by the beautiful young heiress whom he learns has designs on the prince residing in Luc’s own home.

Blood Myth by Stacy A Moran

Sorina who is the direct descendent of the Egyptian God Akheki,was born into a legacy of magical gifts. When she meets her life mate Zakah ,she realizes she has found what has been missing from her life and regardless of the feud beteween their famillies they will fight to keep each other alive.

Stacy A Moran has created characters so vivid that I could actually see them in my mind. I love that Sorina and all the females in her family are so strong and secure with themselves, and are able to protect their males as their males protect them. I can not wit for the second but to come out in this series.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Destiny's Chance by Cara Bristol

After reading Destiny's Chance the first word that come to mind is Sexy,Sexy,Sexy. Destiny and Zoe are in a car accident and Zoe dies. Destiny wakes up in Zoe's body and realizes that everyone believes she is dead? Destiny has always loved Zoe's ex boyfriend Chance,so when Chance and Destiny become close ,oh what an explosion. I could not put this book down and if you are ready for a aexy and erotic read, this book is for you. This book has left me hoping and praying there is a sequel.

Reviewed by Chielo

Wanted: Wife by Gwen Jones

If you are looking for a sweet love story then this is the book for you. It is a fast paced book and you will enjoy reading it. Some of the story was not plausible. It felt like the author used some of the side stories as a filter and the book could have done with out them.
Andy Devine is so jaded by love he decides that he will advertise for a wife and treat it like a business deal, He meets Julie Knott when she comes to interview him regarding his ad for a wife. Julie recently dumped two weeks from her wedding day decides that this will be a good opportunity for her. Well it turns out that they teach each other about what love should be.


                                       Review by Chielo

Tell Me By Lisa Jackson

As usual Lisa Jackson has delivered a book that is full of Suspense and Intrigue. This is a Pierce Reed/ Nikki Gillette Story if you are a fan of Lisa Jackson you will remember them from The Morning After. In Tell Me Nikki is still recovering from her kidnapping by The Grave Digger and her Publisher is waiting for Nikki to produce another best selling true crime book, she finally finds a subject that she is very close to and that opens up a whole lot of fear in people in she gets closer to the real killer Nikki is in danger again. I recommend this book for all Lisa Jackson fans and if you are not a fan of hers now, you will be by the end of this book.

                                     Reviewed by Chielo

The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo by Kerrelyn Sparks

Och-totally Dougal fan-girling here! The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo is the 14th book in the Love At Stake series, and my first Kerrelyn book. I can say without a doubt that I will be reading the other 13.  Kerrelyn does a fabulous job of reminding us of Dougal’s Scottish heritage by peppering in the doona, dinna, and of course Och. She does it in a way that isn’t overwhelming and she doesn’t make the mistake of converting all of his words to phonetic pronunciation of that wonderful brogue. She just tickles us with it once in a while. Also, I love love love the teasing between Dougal and his heroin, Leah. I found myself laughing out loud so many times during the reading and completely unable to stifle it-so be forewarned, ‘cause it does tend to garner a few odd looks. Five HUGE hearts Kerrelyn.
Dougal is a Scottish, kilt wearing, pipe playing Vampire. *I know, drooling already* About 4 years ago he lost one of his hands in a battle and the loss has really been hitting home lately. After losing the hand he had been taken off the mission roster, and given a cushy position guarding one of the vamp families. His last mission was over a year ago, and he only got that one because he had been the only one available. He couldn’t even console himself with his music, because his prosthetic hand just wasn’t nimble enough to allow him to play anything other than slow tunes that depressed him even more. And to make it worse, it seems that everyone that crosses paths with him has to comment on his missing appendage in one way or another. Something has got to give or he may just blow.
Leah is a geneticist prodigy, having completed her doctorate at the tender age of twenty-one. She entered college at the age of fourteen. Due to that, and the fact that she is so completely brilliant she has been the target of many pranks by her peers. When she arrives at the Romatech facility where she has just taken a position , she finds a party, with the all of her new patients, in full swing. She is immediately uncomfortable-having always been a sidelines kind of girl, and when her new employer, Abby, notices her agitation she offers to show her the lab, and Leah jumps at the lifeline. Only to wish she hadn’t been so quick; when it appears that the Romatech employees have decided to prank her already. The blood samples that Abby has given her to view are completely abnormal, tampered with obviously, because Abby then tries to convince her that the blood is from her husband…a vampire. The Romatech head honchos can only wait and hope that Leah can accept the surreal world she has been dropped into, because they desperately need her expertise to save thousands of human lives.

Soul Stripper by Katana Collins

When I started reading this book I wasn’t sure I would like it. It turned out that I loved it and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. This book had everything, Angels and Succubi and Demons and Humans and Elementals.
Monica is a fallen Angel who is now a Succubus. She must take peoples souls in order to survive. She is not an ordinary succubus as she only feeds off corrupted souls. No someone is killing off the succubi and the murderer has targeted Monica. Monica and her friends must figure out who is after her and protect her before it is to late.