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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Notorious Gentleman by Gaelen Foley

I loved this book.  It was a romantic tale of love conquering all.  I need to go read other books by Ms. Foley because I want to read more of her work.  This is a must read book for everyone.

We have Grace who is a preachers daughter and a self proclaimed wall flower.  She attends a ball where she meets the jaded Trevor Montgomery.  Trevor mistakes her for a trollop and kisses her.  After she stabs him with her hat pin, Trevor wants to find out who she is.  He ends up buying the Grange in their little village to be closer to her.  Trevor soon realizes that some woman can be trusted, namely Grace.  When trouble arrives on the doorstep of their little town Trevor must use his past as a spy to protect them all.  Trevor realizes that Grace is what he has been missing in his life and he will do anything to protect her.

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