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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Married the Duke by Katharine Ashe

LOVE this saucy historical romance! I absolutely wanted to throw the book about half way through at a twist that had me totally confounded. I thought-Well Jesus, just where the hell is she gonna go from here. I knew I had tons left to read, and I have to admit I was a little steamed, but there was a good reason for the twist, and I totally enjoyed Luc and Arabella’s story beginning to end. That’s not all, I’ve got even better news; it is only the first book in The Prince Catchers trilogy. I really can’t wait to dig into Ravenna’s story!  Five hearts for I Married the Duke.
Arabella is one of three sisters that were sent away by their mother at a very young age, presumably for their own protection. Luckily the young ladies were taken in by a priest to be raised together. One year a gypsy band came through town and the girls decided to pay the fortune teller a visit. They desperately wanted to know who their mother and father was, and had only one item to remember them by-a spectacular gold and ruby men’s ring. Using the ring the Gypsy fortune teller got a glimpse not of the past, but of the future. She informed the girls that one of them would marry a prince, and only then would their parentage be revealed.
Luc has been the heir apparent to a Dukedom for most of his life. His parents are dead. The guardian for his brother and him is a bishop and a very cruel man. After his half mad brother slips from their guardian’s evil clutches Luc escapes London by buying his commission into the navy. Even after his commission ended; due to his losing an eye in a sword fight, he managed to stay away from London society for the greater part of adulthood. That is until a sharp tongued governess buys passage on his commerce ship to the very last place he wants to be. During his trip home he learns that his uncle has passed on, but he is yet unable to inherit the dukedom as his Aunt is pregnant once again. If she manages to deliver a live male the title will pass to the child. His aunt though, has been trying for years to bear a child, but to no avail all previous pregnancies ending in stillbirth. With his life in such turmoil the last thing Luc needs is to be infatuated by the beautiful young heiress whom he learns has designs on the prince residing in Luc’s own home.

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