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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing with Fire by Kayla Perrin

Zienna Thomas finally found her Mr. Right... Nicholas Aubry who is easy on the eyes, charming, successful and tender in bed. Their lives were wonderful, until the night Nicholas introduces Zienna to his longtime best friend Wendell Creighton. She already knew who he was....professionally and intimately. Zienna had that that Wendell was The One, though they were hot and heavy in the sheets, he didn't want to commit.

Wendell is back, and can not keep his eyes off Zienna...and he knows she feels the heat between them too. Now she is apart of this torrid triangle, trying to figure out who to pick: sweet, soul-satisfying Nicholas or scorching, sexy Wendell. Yet part of her questions....Can't I have both?

The thrill of having two lovers in her bed and in the dark was an amazing feeling. Zienna realizes she's playing a dangerous game...but she has no idea how dangerous it is unknown. Once the truth comes out and the testosterone-fueled rivalry begins to explode, someone's going to get burned...

Love triangles are never easy....and wow did Kayla Perrin make this one HOT HOT HOT!!! Once I picked up this book I didn't put it down. There was so many hot scenses, and the storyline was extremely crafty and there were times I had no idea what to expect. She really allowed the characters to struggle, grow and well the ending was definately a "WHAT THE!".....moment. I would love to read more from Kayla Perrin.



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