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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Rogue Steals a Bride by Amelia Grey

Sophia Hart makes a vow to her father that shw would marry a gentleman with a title, and she did this on his deathbed. Problem is the only man she wants to be with is Matson Brentwood, he doesn't have a title but he is decidedly dangerous and dashing. Her vow becomes a heavy burden when he comes crashing into her heart and life.
This is one of them stories where you know the heart always wins. Amelia Grey really did an amazing job taking how back then your word was really all you had, and it would ruin your reputaion along with your family name if you didn't keep it. Along with the fact that there was an added twist of our main man being a twin...who could have thought. Amelia explains more about the hole twin thing at the end of her book. Beautifully written and definately a page turner when your able to get away from life long enough to just read. You may want to read the other books of this series to learn about some of the other characters mentioned in this one.

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