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Friday, June 28, 2013

Beckman by Grace Burrowes

Beckman is another hit by Ms. Burrowes.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It is a story about two people who had been badly hurt, finding each other and learning how to love and trust again.  The way Ms. Burrowes writes, you can see the details in your head. I swear you can actually smell the muffins. This is a must read for fans of historical romance.
  After the loss of his wife, Beckman Haddonfield is sent away from his family home to check on some of their property.  He journeys to Three Springs; there he meets Sara Hunt the housekeeper.   Beck soon realizes there is more going on at Three Springs then he first believed.  He also realizes that Sara and her family are hiding something and he must find the underlying cause of it before someone is hurt.  Sara and Beck become very close and eventually learn to trust one another.  They work together to protect each other and the misfit family that lives at Three Springs.  By working together, they can find love again.

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