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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jaime Rush Dragon Mine Blog Hop

Who in Dragon's fire was calling at six on a Sunday morning? Kirin Slade fumbled for his cell phone and squinted at the screen. His twin sister.

The word "Yeah?" scratched out of his throat.
"You have to come home," Lyra said without preamble. "Pop's gone."
"Oh, is there a celebration then?"
"Kirin! I don't mean he's run off to the Bahamas. He's been missing for 2 days, and it's not some mid-life crisis. He would never abandon me to run the bakery by myself, and his bedroom is a wreck, like there was a fight."
"Or the famous Stein temper."
"But his pattern is to lose it, clean it up, and pretend it never happened; not leave and disappear. And the rest of the house is okay, so it's not a robbery."
Kirin sat up and rubbed his face. "How was he acting before he went missing? Did he seem stressed, depressed?"
"Pop hasn't been the same since, well, you know..."
Oh no, he wasn't going to let her off that easily. "Since he had an affair with my girlfriend's mother, who then disappeared? Fury rushed through him. "Is that what you mean?"
"Pop had nothing to do with that and know it."
"I knew it when I lied to the Guard and the Mundane police. I remembered how Uncle Louis was executed over circumstantial evidence. But you know Pop was hiding something. After everything we did for him, everything I lost, we deserve to know what it was. He wouldn't even admit to the affair."
"I think it happened the way he said, that Tara came to tell him she was happy about you and Ellie being together even if her butthead of a Deuce husband wasn't. How they became friends because she liked having a connection with another Dragon. Men and women can be just friends."
"What, you read that on the Internet? Believe what you want. I'm not buying it." He fell back on the bed, His forearm over his eyes to block out the light streaming through the curtains. "He'll probably be back today."
"Come home for you, if not for me or Pop. Living away from the Field has to be taking a toll on you. You looked all blah when I came to see you last month."
Yeah, the downside to harboring the essence of the Dragon god in one's body was that the essence required the Deus Vis to survive, the god-force that emanated from the mysterious crystal core of the island of their ancestors. Lucifera had sunken hundreds of years ago in the Bermuda Triangle, but the Deus Vis still radiated strong enough to affect the electromagnetic energy. The Field of Deus Vis reached into the Miami area in a crescent shape.
"That's only because I was overdue for my biweekly trip to recharge," he said.
"Oh." A pause. "You come down but don't see me?"
Yeah, he had admitted that, hadn't he? "I go to the edge of the Field, let my Dragon out and head right back to Atlanta."
"I get--sort of-- why you wouldn't want to see Pop. But can't you forgive me for my part in it?"
Guilt nibbled at him. "I needed a break from my life, Lyra. Do you know how freakin' cool it is to walk into a store, a restaurant, everywhere, and only see Mundane humans? No having to pretend there’s not an Elemental sitting at the next table flicking peas at me. No whacked-out Dragons waiting around the corner to tear my throat out; no Deuce magic to prickle the hairs at the back of my neck. Getting this contract was a godsend. And the pay is insane." He wouldn’t admit to the lack of energy, the drain on his soul, or the hunger to Catalyze. Or how boring having sex with Mundane women was. "When my contract expires, I’ll move back."
"Your poor Dragon must be withering. Being the badass paintball champion isn’t the same as sparring Dragon to Dragon in the Obsidian room. Getting your pilot’s license will never give you the thrill of being who you really are."
"Maybe not, but flying is pretty damned cool. Since we can’t fly the real way." They’d been born after the flying ban in the seventies, which completely sucked. Since the age of satellite imagery and Miami’s population explosion, displays of magic were illegal. The Hidden, which encompassed Crescent magic and other magical creatures, had to stay just that--hidden. Never let the Mundanes see your magic. "The paintball arena gives me all the predatory thrills I need."
"I can’t fathom how shooting someone with a blob of paint could even begin to compare to the raw power of your Dragon coursing through you, or body-slamming an opponent and sinking your fangs into their hide."
Memories of letting his Dragon out in the private room at Cyntag’s dojo tingle through his veins. He rolled out of bed and looked out the window at the normal world outside. Fall was sniffing at the edge of summer, turning a few leaves dark red and yellow. The beast inside him was drying up like the leaves skittering across the sidewalk on the breeze. "It’s a rush." Except the statement fell flat.
"Kirin, please. I need you."
Lyra was rarely vulnerable or needy. No, she usually jumped headlong into everything, taking action without considering the consequences.
His resistance melted. " Alright. It takes about eleven hours to drive down there, so don’t look for me until later tonight."
"Love you, Kirin."
Words in response hung in his throat, tangled in his anger at her. "See you soon."

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Author’s Bio:
Things that go bump in the night have always fascinated Jaime Rush. Sometimes those things are human; other times, not so much. Her new Hidden series reveals humans with the essence of gods who walk the knife's edge between Miami and a magical world of passion and danger. Part dragon, angel, or sorcerer, they must fight their own kind, demons, and the lure of their darkest nature.

Jaime is the author of the award-winning Offspring series and is also Tina Wainscott, bestselling author of eighteen novels. Contests, sneak peeks and more at

Hot Dragons, cool angels, and seductive magic! So come feel the heat and experience the Rush. And if you think Miami’s a melting pot now, wait until you see Jaime Rush’s Miami! The Hidden is finally here!

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