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Monday, July 20, 2015

Review: Diamond Spur by Diana Palmer

It's been a while since I read a Diana Palmer book, especially the Long Tall Texan series. And although the story format is the same, Diamond Spur definitely have a new dimension added to it. A rugged rancher with a bad temper, alienated himself because of a tragic past that left him feeling nothing but loneliness and distrust of women. Not to mention, he is completely in love with a woman whose love he tried so hard to pretend he didn’t want.

Jason is a bitter man with a temper to match him. He was abandoned by his mother at a young age so his outlook of women is very jaded. However, that didn’t stop Jason from falling in love with the girl next door. He’s very proud and stubborn, he doesn’t want commitment, and he doesn’t like to accept help from anyone especially from Kate Whittman.

Kate is a wallflower, someone who have been inserted into Jason’s care. And just like any modern woman, she left Texas after being pushed away from Jason. Kate have a mind of her own. She wants to be a designer and her debut collection is going to be great. But unlike most women, Kate didn’t have the support she needed from the men in her life, including one Jason Donovan. Growing up, she have always admired him and came to love him. But with the barrier between them, Jason have always been so distance and far away from her.

Diamond Spur shines like diamonds in the rough. It is charming and captures the essence of love like the stars in the universe. The story have so many twists and turns that are easily be related in real life. What I love most about this story is the love between Jason and Kate, even though it seems both of them are too stubborn for their own good. One gives all and the other is too afraid to accept, mainly because he’s afraid it wouldn’t last. But love lasts forever, they both just have to realize their happy ending are in each other arms.

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