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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review: For Real by Alexis Hall

I would definitely give this book 5 stars! I have never read anything by this author but the blurb intrigued me.  The idea of the older man and the younger man is not new but the fact that the younger man is the Dom is different than what I am used to, and this author made it work.  I could not put this book down almost as soon as I started reading!  

The emotions that ripped through Laurie and Toby were so real and in your face that you felt part of the couple.  I loved that while Toby is young (19 years old) he is not portrayed as being a kid playing at being a Dom.  Laurie is looking for a Dom to make him feel alive again but even though he feels an almost instant connection to Toby he keeps a part of himself distant from him.  The scenes between them are so emotional and explosive.  

I love that Laurie is able to be the Sub he needs to be even though Toby is still learning to be the Dom he is meant to be, and whom better to teach him than his Sub.  They learn to trust each other and I would to read about how their relationship progresses.  It is not going to be the last book I read by Alexis Hall and would completely recommend this book.

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