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Friday, July 31, 2015

5/5 Reviews: Drunk on You by Teri Anne Stanley

I must admit that I was sucked in from the beginning.  From the broody Justin to the head strong Alley, who can ask for better characters.  I loved being able to journey with this couple through their self-discovery. 

Justin Morgan, ex-Marine is finally home.  After two years of his best friend’s death in Afghanistan, he is still fighting his demons of guilt.  His one main reason of going back is to fulfill David’s last request, to look after his sister Allie.

Growing up Allie McGrath has always been in love with her brother’s best friend.  Eight years after Justin inadvertently crushes Allie’s heart, she sees him for the first time and realizes her heart still beats for him. 

Both try to deny their feelings for each other and both are unable to.  After a disaster that happens at the distillery their families own, they go on a trip trying to come up with the money to fix the mess they caused.  Not only do they discover their feelings for each other run deeper than they thought, they both must find a way to overcome their own issues. 

Liquor, passion, drama and a great story line; It is a combination that will have you drunk on them.  This is a definite must read.  

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  1. Did I say thank you yet? THANK YOU! I'm so glad you liked my little book!