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Thursday, July 30, 2015

4/5 Review: Time Shifters by Myra Nour

I was not sold on this book when I first picked it up.  I assumed that it would be a typical shifters romance novel but boy was I wrong.  A mix of suspense, romance and time travel was definitely a great twist to your everyday paranormal romances. 

Raynor had me fall for him since the beginning of the story.  The sexy, gentle, caring, protective man is the type of guy a lot of women dream of.  Briana, on the other hand, was not the type of heroine I expected.  I, however, did love her personality and boldness when she shifted.

I do wish there was more back story to the characters.  It was a here and now type of story with very little background to their lives.  I was definitely drawn in and would have loved it if was longer.  I will be checking out more of Myra Nour’s books as this one had a great amount of potential.  It was a quick read but it was good. 

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