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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review: Ecstasy Unbounded by Setta Jay

Ecstasy Unbounded by Setta Jay deserves 5 hearts for a review! She has written a definite page turner with this erotica romance filled with action, humor, and romance beyond imagination. I literally couldn’t put it down…even though my arms were aching!

Alexandra (Alex for short), a demi-goddess with Athena as her mother, will never let her guard down again after one horrific night. Many years later, she has developed a shield against men. Working with her twin brothers Erik and Vane, she has learned much about self defense. Being a daily mercenary to keep her fit, Alex from time to time wanders off to night clubs in search of him. 

Uri was a guardian who must have sex to regenerate his powers and energy. Hunting demon possessed humans on a daily basis was his usual routine. Adopting a hell hound wasn’t. Days pass and this loyal Guardian begins to have difficulty following the rules of being a Guardian. He enjoys receiving his release with random women at late night clubs along with his Guardian brothers. This simple fact was true…until he met her.

Discovering Mageias, humans with elemental abilities, being kidnapped by a scientist called Cyril in the Tetartos realm, Alex had to figure out who’s behind this. In order to do so she seeks help from Uri, approaching the drop dead hunkasaurus. But no sooner does she realize this irresistible Guardian becomes her mate. Can they set aside their differences to fight the evil surging from within the other realm? This story tied together well at the end and I’m excited about her other books. This will entice any reader ready for a hot steamy romance that’ll make you blush from the first page. Keep writing Ms. Jay…keeping writing!

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