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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Destiny Redeemed - Gabrielle Bisset

Enjoyable read. It's an otherworld type of story with a different kind of race called the Aeveren. These people make me think of the Phoenix in that they are extraordinarily long lived; it is not one consecutive life however, but many lives and they can remember their past lives. Pretty cool concept. They've got a "mate" or, “destined one” that biology has chosen for them, but they have to be lucky enough to find them in any given lifetime.  They can love and be with others, but it's just not as fulfilling. Destiny Redeemed gets 4 hearts-it was good but I was not completely absorbed. 

Amon has lived for forty-seven lifetimes and has spent a great number of them being bad as he wants to be. All those lifetimes of  abusing his powers and using them to manipulate people to get what he wants-and damned be the consequences has finally caught up with him. He is sent to their people's equivalent of prison, Nil, for the remainder of his lifetimes. It takes his sidhe servant a year to break him out, and his time spent in Nil has reformed his selfish ways. Luckily for the female healer who is abducted to see to the grievous wounds inflicted upon him in Nil-only to find out that after waiting forty-five lifetimes she has finally found her destined one. To bad he is wanted/hunted criminal. Seeing that he is reformed she accepts him, and now he has to keep her safe from the bounty hunter sent for him and a former bad alliance. 

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