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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamara

This is definitely one love story that always pulls at the heart strings. You have Isabelle who was pushed out of society due to falling for a dishonorable man and having a son...Jack. She is strong enough to make it without any help until a stranger shows up on the beach to save her son from being pulled away to sea.

George is a scoundrel and is in some trouble in debts as well as now trying to figure out how to handle his mistress. But once he comes into contact with Jack and his very closed of mother, things become interesting and he does everything he can to see to it she trusts him. Of course what brings them together isn't the best of circumstances when Isabelle's son is kidnapped and George gives his word he'll bring the boy safely home.

This is an incredible story on how it takes a lot of trust for a relationship to even be possible. Ashlyn did an amazing job in capturing not only the emotions of the characters but also showed how some people of the ton  or the "popular crowd" don't look down their noses at those who are cast away because of something that wasn't even planned. This author really knows how to bring her words to life and bring her readers into the story. And I have to admit, the plot was slightly predictable but still had me think "Okay...I didn't see THAT coming."

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