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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bound to Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton

Oh my goodness this was a HOT book.  It had the evil sorceress, a trapped genie and the heroine!  Ms. Naughton put a wonderful twist on a fairy tale.  It is a must read for all fans of good conquering evil! 

First we have the djinni or genie Tariq, who is being held captive by Zoraida.  Zoraida is having Tariq collect souls so she can remain young forever.  Enter Mira, she goes to find a necklace that she has heard about that so she can learn how to attract a man and keep him.  She gets the necklace that Tariq is trapped in.  Tariq is surprised when he is summoned and finds out that Mira wants to learn how to please him.  Tariq realizes that Mira is a pure soul and doesn’t to take hers for Zoraida.  Can he protect Mira while he is trapped in the necklace?

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