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Monday, May 20, 2013

Outcast Prince by Shona Husk


Full of fairy antics-loved it! After this book I know one thing for sure. Be ever mindful of your words when talking to a fairy. You just never know what you can get yourself into. I totally feel for Caspian-I really really don’t think I would like being able to “see “ the history of any item I touch.
All his life Caspian has tried to be normal. That is except for his psychometric ability and the fact that he has to actively ignore any fairy that may cross his path. He can see them only due to the fact that he is half fairy himself, and because of his fairy "godmother" Dylis he knows the rules of fairy interaction, or rather avoidance, because generally the only fairies in the mortal realm are Greys-or banished fairies who will do anything to get back into fairy. Caspian does well following these rules until a Grey called Shea catches his eye while Caspian is buying a fairy enchanted mirror and discovers who he is. Then the Grey is hellbent on forcing Caspian into finding the mirror containing the window to Fairy. Shea is able to force him into making a deal by threatening Lydia, the one person Caspian has found that he ever felt safe revealing his fairy roots to, and in making the deal he beaks Fairy law drawing the powers that be to him for penalty making the situation even more sure. Will Caspian be able to find the window in time to save his soul and keep Lydia safe?

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