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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jaguar Fever by Terry Spear

Oohy Ooh! A sizzling action packed shifter romance that hits all the right spots. Even though the story is technically about Wade and Maya, I think my favorite character dynamic would be between Wade and his brother David. They are just so fun for each other, and the tight bond just comes through so well. Of course I love it that Maya is no pushover, and wasn’t afraid to take what she wanted even if she planned on making it be just a fling. Love shifters and especially love the big cats. Thanks Terry-a big 5 heart read.
Maya has lived in the wild with her brother isolated from the rest of the world her whole life. And when he finds a mate she decides that she has had enough of the isolation and goes into the city hoping to find more shifters and some fun. Fun being the main thing though, because she didn’t want to jump into a relationship only to be abandoned just like her mother.
Wade Patterson has just fallen head over heels, and the introductions have hardly even been made. From the first moment he saw Maya in the amazon he wanted her. Of course at the time he thought she was taken and was charged by the agency he is employed by to protect her. Now that he knows differently he is pulling out all the stops to reel her in and keep her safe from those hunting their species.


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