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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Predatory by Alexandra Ivy

I loved this book.  It was an anthology by 4 different writers.  Each with their own spin on guardians and immortals.  It is a must read to get to know authors and their worlds.  I will just talk about the first book .

This book was great, it had a different twist on Valhalla.  In this book Valhalla was where the home of the freaks.  The people that were so smart or had special talents that they couldn’t function in normal society.

We have Angela who is a molecular biologist and Niko who is a Sentinel.  His job is to protect Angela from a freak who is after her to alter her DNA.  Niko does everything in his power to keep Angela safe.  He is even willing to give his life for hers.  Angela doesn’t want to believe she is a freak  They work together to protect each other, but will they protect their hearts?

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