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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Matchpoint by Elise Sax

Looks like Gladie is still stuck in this interesting love triangle with Spencer,the playboy chief of police and Holden the secretive, gorgeously muscled neighbor...and on top of that the town is in an uproar with this invasion of an alien lovers cult. Gladie just got personally requested by her friend Belinda to make a match her up, but of course that is never easy. With everything going on there is another murder investigation and though she is trying to stay out of it, it seems everyone including Belinda who's the cops number one suspect is dragging her in.

I have to say this one really had a bunch of twists to it along with some laughs, plus some WTF moments. Definitely kept this reader on her toes cause I could never guess in my head which way the story was going to go. Nice to see some more character development when it comes to Gladie herself as well as you learn some interesting things about the secretive neighbor Holden. This series is on a good track, mixing romance with Gladie's personal love life, her trying to be the matchmaker her Grandma Zelda knows she can be, with a little mystery with her being able to figure out these murders using her gifts. If your just getting into this series I do suggest you read Elise Sax's first Matchmaker book "An Affair to Dismember" cause if you try to read this one alone you may be a little confused with the newest developments.

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