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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Headed for Trouble by Suzanne Bockman

Oh my goodness I loved this book!  Not only did we get a story, but we also got what I call the between stories.  Have you ever read a book and wondered what our heroes and heroines where doing between stories?  Now you can find out! Ms Bockman has answered our questions.

 One of the stories in this book touched my heart.  Arlene is in a reserve unit and has done two tours in combat zones.  Her daughter moved in with her brother while she was gone.  She finally gets to come home on leave.  She finds out that her daughter, Maggie has devised a plan so that her mother doesn’t have to go back.  Maggie has contacted her mothers first love Jack and asked him to get her mom pregnant.  Arlene says no to the idea and Jack goes out of his way to prove to Arlene that they are all meant to be a family.

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