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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Review 3/5: Delta: Ricochet by Cristin Harber

Delta: Ricochet is the 4th book in a series. This book follows the story of Colin and Adelia. Colin works for Delta Team as a team leader and goes on missions all over the world wherever they are needed. Adelia was rescued as a teenager by a motorcycle gang from being sold by her father to traffickers. Mayhem, the motorcycle gang, then raised Adelia. The first part of the book lays the story of how Colin and Adelia get together.
Colin does not trust Mayhem or think they are good people and Adelia loves them like family, this causes some tension between them. Adelia gets into some trouble with Mayhem as well as some other very bad people. She ends up on the run and is in hiding. Colin finds her and ends up shot. Adelia does not trust Colin’s team and Colin does not trust Mayhem. This makes Adelia run away to solve her problems by herself. Everything works out in the end and they end up together.

I found this book slightly confusing in the beginning. There were several characters introduced right away that were probably in previous books. Without reading those books prior to this one, it made it hard to keep track of who was who. There were also references to what I assume happened in previous books without much information which made it hard to follow.
There were also several errors editors should have caught. There were words where they did not make sense, incorrect words, and duplicate words. This was very distracting at times.
The book was suspenseful and action packed. It took me quite a while to get into though since I had not read the three previous books. Once I got passed the initial confusion of who all the characters were, I did enjoy the book although it was a bit drawn out. The love scenes were red hot and sensual. The plot of the love story was better than the rest of the book in my opinion. I found it unfortunate that Adelia did not trust Colin from the beginning and ran from him. They could have worked well together. All in all, this book did not make me want to read the rest in the series.

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