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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Review 4/5: Off the Grid (The Lost Platoon #2) by Monica McCarty

Brittany Blake is an investigative reporter who wants answers about her brother (a Navy SEAL) when he comes up missing. She decides to try and find out why her brother has basically disappeared and no one will tell her what is going on. She finds herself in the middle of a huge cover up and a secret mission that her brother was involved in. 

John Donovan was Brandon’s best friend and fellow SEAL. He was there on the secret mission that went terribly wrong. John is living off the grid keeping a low profile after what happened. That all changes when he finds out that Brittany is in danger. He feels like he must protect his best friends sister even if that means she won’t want him around once she hears the truth about her brother and his disappearance. 

I really enjoyed the plot line for this book. I didn’t realize it was part of a series until I was writing this review. I would love to go back knowing that and read the first book. I feel like I was missing something from this storyline when I was reading this book. I now know that I was since this was the second book in the series. I would suggest reading book one first, but you can read this one without the fist book. I just think it would have helped me understand more of the story for this book if i had read the first one before this one. 

The book was full of suspense and then there is the chemistry/history between the two main characters. John and Brittany spent some time together five years before this story actually takes place. Brittany really liked John but he was a player and told her to stay away from him. We later learn that Brittany’s brother Brandon had told John he needed to figure out what his intentions were with his sister. He told John to marry her or let her go. They were in the Navy SEAL program and having a serious relationship was going to be hard, so John opted for telling her he didn’t have feelings for her. 

Fast forward five years and Brittany is trying to figure out where her brother is and what happened while he was on a secret mission that she shouldn’t even know anything about. Someone had given her secret information leading her right to where John is. This is where my rating goes from a 5/5 to a 4/5. Brittany tracks him down and before they can speak even two words to each other they are making out in a bar. Okay, so he tells her that her brother is dead. She travels half way around the world, and finds out about her brother. Now she is really angry with John. So what happens next? They have sex… The sex was really well written and it was a very steamy scene. I just felt like that wasn’t the best place to insert a sex scene. As soon as the sex was over, they were back to arguing and her being mad at him. I just wished they could have built a desire that would have led to sex. Maybe it’s just me, but five years of not talking then finding out what he knew, wouldn’t make me want to have sex with a man who had lied to me and hid the truth about my brother. 

Aside from that, I really enjoyed this book. They have to go on the run together and they try to figure out who was behind everything that happened during the mission where some of the SEAL’s lost their lives. I would recommend this series if you like a romance that has a mystery/suspense aspect to it. I’m happy this is a series. I would love to learn more about the men from the platoon and see how their futures turned out after the mission. 


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