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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Revenge: A Lawless Novel Book 3 written by Lexi Blake



Nobody falls harder than a Lawless brother, and Drew Lawless never thought he'd fall prey to the clutches of a woman and spiral down that tunnel called love. But there’s just something about Shelby that has him all twisted inside and refuses to let her go, no matter what she has to say about it. It's his way, or the highway.


Drew Lawless is rich, powerful and sexy, who could resist such a perfect male specimen? Shelby Gates, that’s who. Sure, she'll have her fun, because, why not? But when she becomes trapped by her own heart, things get real messy...


The third book in this series is one that I have been waiting for (not so patiently I may add) Lexi definitely did not disappoint! I have loved every book that she has written. When book 2 ended with that finally chapter my heart dropped, now, Drew has a new enemy in his sights and only Shelby can help him. He cannot have his siblings caught in the crossfire of this enemy.


Then toss in an unexpected brother and the shit hits the fan! Who is he, who does he work for? Drew doesn't trust him and Lexi writes his character to perfection and even I was kept in suspicion the entire book!


I did not want this book to end, and with a new brother in play, I'm curious if another book is in Lexis brilliant mind. I'll be making grabby hands as soon as it's available that’s for sure!


Make sure you read this series, you don't want to miss a single piece of action! It's SO worth it!


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