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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Review 5/5: Cowboy Heartbreaker (A Wrangler's Creek Novel) by Delores Fossen

Allie and Ryder are the main character in this novella and are best friends. They are part of a group of four friends that have been friends since preschool. They all worked for the the Grangers at their ranch. Allie was their large- animal vet and they called her Dr. Good Girl. The nickname actually was perfect for Allie. Ryder was the opposite and more of a bad boy. 

At Curt’s wedding we find out Allie has a secret. She has always had feelings of more than friendship with Ryder. The morning after the wedding Allie and Ryder discover that they have spent the night in the hayloft of the ranch drinking and playing strip poker. They didn’t have sex, but they can’t unsee parts of each other that they saw that morning. Things take a complicated turn while they try to sort out where to go from here with their friendship. 

They go back and forth with the conflict of deciding what to do until they spend a heated night together. When they wake up the next day, they know what they want. Now it’s time to tell Ryder’s sister Bree….

I really enjoyed reading about the heated relationship between Allie and Ryder. They seem to have serious chemistry. I understand the conflict that they are going through since they have been close friends for most of their lives. I’m glad that they didn’t hold back and they went for it! I always say this with a novella, but I wanted more! I would have loved to read more about the two of them and more backstory about the friendship between the four friends.

I was shocked that Bree was so chill about Ryder and Allie being together. I figured she would be more sarcastic and have more questions about what was going on based on the way her character acted in beginning of the book when they were at the wedding. I’m glad she was cool with it, but it’s not like she has a say really. If two people want to be together you aren’t going to be able to stop them. So overall, her reaction was a positive thing. 

I love a good cowboy romance and I will look into her other books in the future. It was a good quick read. The sex scenes weren’t as descriptive as other books, but for me it was fine that way. It just left me wanting more of Allie and Ryder’s story.  


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