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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amadeo’s Love Affair by Kate Hofman

Amadeo, Conte di Sant'Angelo, has met Heidelinde Müller, an advertising designer, on a ski trip. He wants to know this fascinating woman better. Their friendship grows, despite interference from their mothers and persistent old flames.

When a trip to his villa ends badly, he whisks her to the warm sands of Ocean Breeze, Florida.

Pushed to the limit, they enter a sham engagement.

Can he persuade her that he wants the engagement to be 'real'? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that are being thrown in their path to happiness?

I was swept away by a luxurious lifestyle in this contemporary love story. From the very beginning Amadeo seemed larger than life and his lavish existence instantly separated him from any other man I’ve ever known. I was whisked alongside the heroine to locations I couldn’t even dream of and surrounded by people and things I could only imagine. The heroine seemed to take things in much more reasonable stride than I did and it was good for her. If you are looking to escape your everyday life and be surrounded by extravagance this is a fast, indulgent read.

Reviewed by Polly

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