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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Good Time by Shannyn Schroeder

A passionate free spirit and a sweet-talking playboy sound like a match made in heaven--until life gets in the way of all the fun and games. . .
Indy Adams values her freedom above all else. She works hard to support herself, moonlighting as a waitress while she fights for her first big sale in the Chicago real estate market. The last thing she needs is to be tied down, so she doesn't think twice about declining her philandering boyfriend's marriage proposal. Besides, she just landed a new client, a wealthy lothario--exactly the kind of guy who would understand her no-strings approach. . .
Handsome, rich, and charitable, most women jump at the chance to even talk to video game developer Griffin Walker, let alone date him. So he can't understand why Indy wants nothing more than a few steamy nights together. Despite his romantic track record, Griffin longs for real love--complete with a home and family--and he wants it with Indy. But a blessing in disguise may lead them both to a life they never expected, and give Griffin a chance to show Indy that it's okay to want more than a good time. . .
This was a great book.  I loved the interaction that the author created between Indy and Griff.  You could feel the sparks fly off the pages.  I recommend this book to everyone.  I cannot wait to read the other books in this series.
Griffin is a rich playboy.  He met Indy when she was working at a bar.  She was also a Realtor and Griffin hired her to find him a house.  When Indy breaks off with her old boyfriend and hooks up with Griff, she soon realizes that she is pregnant and has no idea, which one is the father.  Griff soon realizes that no matter what he wants to be the father.  He has fallen in love with Indy and goes out of his way to prove that she is more than just a good time for him.

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