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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to Date a Dragon by Ashlyn Chase

Let the Sparks Fly

Bliss Russo never thought anything could happen in her life. Until she is carried out of the flames by a gorgeous fireman. Now she has to start over on her huge work project while trying to figure out where she is going to live. Bliss' love life is starting to look up, but she can't seem to find her fire hot life saver again.

Drake Cameron is a Dragon shapeshifter and the last of his clan...the loneliness is starting to bug him. He might have found the one who could take the blow of his true nature. Feeling her curves against him turned him into an inferno. Thinking he will never find Bliss, she ends up walking into his firehouse, clueless to what she just walked into.

This story was like so many others I had read, but it had its own thrill and excitement to it. I never grow tired of this type of story where someone embraces and accepts someone for who they are no matter how different. The love scenes as well as everything to do with Bliss' project just flowed so well and you never felt like you were jumping from one scene to the next. As the 2nd book of the Flirting with Fangs Trilogy, I can honestly say I can't see wait to see what happens in the third and final book.


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